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Chrome not responding/ game freezing in loading sc

  jojo404 21:14 14 Jan 2017

As of yesterday a game I play (path of exile) would randomly freeze whilst loading into a new zone. At the same time as this chrome would stop responding. I would have to restart my laptop in order to get it working for a little while again. This became more regular throughout last night and this morning I could not connect to anything requiring an Internet connection (steam, battlenet, discord, chrome, path of exile and more). I have also noticed my laptop getting a little warmer than usual recently. I don't think this is an Internet issue as all other devices can connect and operate just fine. I also don't think this is because my laptop isn't good enough to run the game as I know it is, I run it on lower settings even though my laptop can easily run it on the highest. Any help would be great Thanks

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