Choosing your next game

  mrwoowoo 23:43 21 Jun 2008

Well,how do you choose?
1: Just pick up a game in store because it's your favourite genre and the case has a cool looking design? (basically a lottery)
2: Buy all new games in your genre.(lottery)
3: Go by tv promo ads.(All fmv ,gloss and too short.(Well they're not going to make it look bad are they.)..Not so much a lottery.
4: Mag reviews..Most are biased to making games better than they are.More games bought,more mags sold.
5: Online review/preview...Getting there.Can still be biased.
6: Screen shots on line.Hmmm?
7: Word of mouth... More like it.
8: Game disscusion forums...Like it
9: click here... Multiple reviews of games taken from other sites.... like it too.
10: Gameplay video on the net...Oh yes
11: Game demo... Good if released in time or at all.
12: Just because it's a follow up to a fvourite game.
I think thats enough options.(didn't realise there were so many).
What i do is a combination of....Well you can see what i think.

  mrwoowoo 23:47 21 Jun 2008

OOPS.Should have been.
9: Gamerankings.....Multiple reviews of games taken from other sites.... like it too.
Typing www. turned it into an unintentional link. )O:!

  GRIDD 07:37 22 Jun 2008

Like the genre.
Is it a known franchise? Yes, buy it.
Is it a known franchise? No, read the reviews, try the demo, view the trailer.

Other than that it's adverts and word of mouth.

  crosstrainer 07:45 22 Jun 2008

Morning! Couldn't sleep eh?

I tend to choose a game through:

!) My own prefernece for a certain type FPS in my case

2) Watching forums to get other's feedback

I am having second thought's about Alone In The dark. It's not an FPS so don't know if I will get on with it....May wait for others opinion.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:18 22 Jun 2008

this one isn't afraid to give bad reviews:-

click here

  citadel 10:54 22 Jun 2008

I tend to buy games that have an over 90 score review in pc gamer and pc zone mags.

  Armchair 11:07 22 Jun 2008

Basically anything I like the look of that's cheap. Love it when I find a couple of 99p BOGOF PC games in Gamestation. Playing through just such a game atm (Project IGI).

Budget gaming, basically.

  Marko797 11:50 22 Jun 2008

agree with citadel. I go for the higher ratings in the same mags, and also word of mouth.

Armchair - enjoy IGI, one of my fave games. No save just adds to the tension. Happy memories.

  mrwoowoo 16:15 22 Jun 2008

Couldn't sleep? Lol
I was up another 3 1/2 hrs after that post. Goes with shift work.
First thing i do is look at the upcoming release dates on IGN.Any that look interesting i hunt down previews/reviews,screenshots and game play vids for that game.
Then have a natter on here.

  wolfie3000 16:48 22 Jun 2008

When choosing games, i always look for a demo first,
That really the only way you can tell if the games any good.

I tend to steer clear of reviews and ratings.

But most of the time i keep my eyes out for free online games such as Gunz,
Im really tight when it comes to parting with my money so free games appeal to me and theres some awesome ones out there.

  crosstrainer 17:04 22 Jun 2008

I've been getting up at 3AM for the last 11 years. A habit that was formed when Mrs crosstrainer passed away.

Sleeping tablets were tried once, but I still woke up at 3AM, and felt like a zombie for hours. I'm used to it now, and find the early mornings are my best time for working, tend to start slowing down in the afternoons now...(old age) :))

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