Chess game download for windows 8.1

  tonyq 09:15 03 Mar 2015

Hi all, I have recently cleared a lot of malware from a friends laptop. As he plays a bit of chess he is now wanting to find a Chess Game that he can play on his Windows 8.1 Laptop but is frightened of downloading more malware by searching on Google ect. Could any of you please recommend a safe site to download a chess game? I ask this as I am not into games/gaming and your advice would be much appreciated .

  tonyq 11:15 03 Mar 2015

Jock1e thank you for the reply,

I do not have Win 8.1 myself,nor have I go my friends laptop at the moment,but I have come across the following (please see link) which may be better if it can be done. Your thoughts please.

click here

  tonyq 11:51 04 Mar 2015


I gave him a call, he said that he didn't think it was in the games app but would check the next time he went on the laptop. I'm still waiting for a reply.

  tonyq 15:41 06 Mar 2015


would you say "going to the Store in App's" is the safest way of trying to avoid downloading any malware?

  tonyq 18:53 06 Mar 2015

Thank you Jock1e.

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