Changing from intel to AMD gaming PC? Which things Do you have to buy?

  qazhar19 22:04 20 Jul 2014

Hello, I've been finding really hard of choosing graphic cards and processors.

I have a i3 processor and a intel h81 chipset motherboard in my ASUS K30AD-UK003S Desktop.

The reason why I wanna convert to AMD is becuase it has a better gaming processor then intel, which in this case intel processors are more expensive.I wanted to ask if you can do this? Or do you have to buy a complete amd things. Do I have to get rid of all the opponents.

If I want to convert from intel to AMD, what things do i have to buy?

  Mr Mistoffelees 23:02 20 Jul 2014

If you want to fit an AMD processor you will also need to replace the motherboard and the system RAM, so it is not the cheap option. Intel processors (Core i5) are generally considered to be superior for gaming and have been for some time.

  qazhar19 00:08 21 Jul 2014

But theres a system ram already in this intel motherboard. Which means do I only need to buy the amd motherboard and processor. But the 8 core processor looks better than the i5, dont you think?

  Devil Fish 01:18 21 Jul 2014

not sure were you got info from but for gaming i5 i7 chips superior to AMD offerings at the moment.

But going back to question you would need to buy motherboard and processor, To use existing ram check motherboard you are buying supports it, If it doesn't you will need to buy ram as well.

  Menzie 13:04 21 Jul 2014

That system according to what I see on it is still fairly recent, if gaming is what you are after a good discrete graphics card will make all the difference. An i5 would be better games-wise but an i3 will still deliver decent performance.

I'm guessing by the AMD gaming performance you are referring to the built in graphics on the A series chips? Many are better than the graphics in the Intel chips but not a patch on a dedicated PC video card.

You would most likely have to upgrade the power supply in your current desktop but a good card at around the £150 range with a PSU would be an easier upgrade that would maximise gaming performance.

  qazhar19 13:32 21 Jul 2014

Thanks for all the support.. Just wanted to say if the i5 processor at 3.5Ghz will I be able to play games on ultra? thanks.

  Menzie 17:02 21 Jul 2014

That answer is a complex one as PC games vary so much. In short an i5 or AMD CPU by itself, no.

Paired with a good enough video card an i5 or equivalent AMD CPU will run most things on high/ultra but this all depends on the resolution ran and how efficiently coded the game engine is. There are some titles out there built to push PCs with even two high end cards to their knees, these require setups beyond what most have.

A modest system with a good processor and recent gaming oriented AMD Radeon or Nvidia Geforce can deliver playable rates at 1080p for most games but you may still encounter some that you can't crank all the way up.

What is the budget that you have planned for this upgrade?

  qazhar19 01:10 22 Jul 2014

Hello menzie.. I have a budget of at least £200

  qazhar19 01:38 22 Jul 2014

but in common i have i3 processor 4130T 2.9 GHZ nad a motherboard intel H81, which im upgrading to i5, for the gaming.. Can this still be a good processor and with a good graphic card? thanks

  Menzie 16:47 23 Jul 2014

Upgrading to an i5 would give you better overall performance and would be a more ideal companion for a 750ti/760. I would recommend a 760 over the 750ti, the 750ti is a decent card but most recommendations for games have the 760 listed instead which performs better.

You'll be able to up most settings in quite a few games too, but the i3 may end up a bottleneck for that GPU. A quad core i5 chip would ensure performance at full potential.

  qazhar19 21:17 23 Jul 2014


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