Buying a new computer, but I have a lot of questions!

  YvnHola 23:57 28 Oct 2014


(Sorry for my bad enlgish)

So, I am buying a new computer, to be honest I have allready ordered it. But I have a lot of questions before it arrives and I start building it.

First, here is the build:

  • BitFenix Prodigy M
  • Corsair AX860
  • Asus Maximus VII Gene
  • Intel i7-4790K
  • EK Watercooling (120mm rad, all of it will fit)
  • Asus Strix GTX 970 2xSLI
  • Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x8GB 2400Mhz
  • Crucial MX100 256GB 2xRaid 0
  • WD Black 3TB
  • Asus ROG Swift
  • Turtle Beach Z Seven

So, her comes all my questions:

  • In what order is it best to put the watercooling components? Im only going to cool the CPU. So there is a 120mm rad, "pump/res combo" and the waterblock. And in what direction do i want the water to flow, from the res to the pump or the other way around?

  • What sort of liquid should I use? I've heard destilled water, but I've also heard that sterile or battery water will work just as well. And instead of expensive EK Coolant or an other brand, i can just use regular red car antifreeze, is this right?

  • What will be optimal fan placement in the case, and whats optimal for the water cooling?

  • Will I run in to any trouble with the watercooling if the room the PC is in get below 0 degrees celsius (freezing point)? Or will it be fine?

  • Is the 970 SLI enough to take full advantage of the Asus Swift? Can I run most of todays game at max settings?

  • I am worried the GPU's will get too hot, since they dont blow the air out the back, but have a open fan solution, if they do get too hot, what can i do to try to cool them down? Is overclocking hard, if they stay cool enough, and whats the max temp for my GPU's?

  • How do I overclock the CPU, and whats the max temp for it? Is there anything I need to be aware of if I overclock?

  • I've heard i need to enable my RAM to run 2400Mhz in BIOS, how do i do this?

  • Is a Raid 0 with SSD's safe? Is Trim supported in Raid 0? What do you think i should do? Run the 2 disks in Raid? How to i set up Raid 0 properly? And if I choose to go with Raid 0, the disk will act as one 512GB disk right?

  • I want my computer to start as fast as possible, when i push the power button I want to wait as little as possible until Windows is loaded and i can start doing stuff. Is there a way to remove or shorten the startup process?

  • Are there any other BIOS or Window settings I should change to get the best gaming preformance?

  • The Turtle Beach Z and XP are the same headset, the only differense is that the XP can be used with consoles as well right?

Hopeing for som help to answere all my questions, thanks in advance! :)

  mole1944 07:43 29 Oct 2014

Whilst building your computer is good be aware that messing up if you don't know what your doing if fraught with danger. It's easy to damage a component and that could be expensive if you get a prebuilt one you have a guarantee to fall back on. Look at it this way would you buy a kit car to build with little or no experience,sorry to be so negative.

  Forum Editor 16:40 29 Oct 2014

I think your thread might do better in our games forum, so I'm moving it there now.

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