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Buying my first gaming pc help please!!!

  Oberyn 16:57 25 Jul 2018

Hi guys

I am a gamer! Always stuck with console gaming but now I would like to explore of gaming. I know very little about the hardware and software you need. My plan is to spend very little on my first pc so I can just get to grips with everything and see if I enjoy,put time into using the gaming pc. I have found this for 125. Processor Type: Intel Core 2 Quad • Processor Speed: 2.2GHz x 4 • Graphics Processing Type: 2GB Nvidia 710 • Memory: 8GB • Hard Drive Capacity: 1TB • Windows 10 Pro installed.

Can this run games like grand theft auto,pubg,fortnite, skyrim? If so will I get reasonable frame rates and good graphics?

Would really appreciate any advice!

Thank you

  wee eddie 18:40 25 Jul 2018

The information that you have given us is very short of the kind of detail that is needed.

However, in the UK, the lower end of the Gaming Performance can be accessed for about £650.00, even then you will need to turn down the settings.

And, of course, you need a half decent Monitor that has a fast enough response time to avoid ghosting

  SweetPotatoes 12:39 26 Jul 2018

I think this could work provided with low graphic settings.

  Tony kakkar 17:44 01 Aug 2018

Right now I am using ASUS ROG laptop for playing games and I am playing all these games on it without facing any problem of overlocking or overheating. Even the high res games playing without lagging. So I would suggest you also to go for Asus gaming laptops as they are good and will also come in your budget.

  dadario 04:23 09 Aug 2018

I have the same puzzle with you...

  oftmarshall678 22:52 11 Aug 2018

I agree with tonykakkar. Asus knows how to make good gaming pc. They'd be a safe choice for your first one

  techblogger911 07:50 14 Aug 2018

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you would be playing games at 480p and that too in pixels. You need to spend more than just 125 on a "gaming pc". Change the GPU if you want at least 720p.

  Jet Cenia 06:52 15 Aug 2018

I think your budget is too low also I'm not sure if the quality of the games would be satisfactory to you. If you'd like to know or have a qoutation of the total price of the parts you'd be getting, try this easy pc buider from ibuypower. I used this before when I was building my PC and was looking over which games I could play.

  oftmarshall678 21:53 11 Sep 2018

Hey Oberyn, I'm not sure if you we're able to use this computer you bought, especially with the really outdated specs that comes with it. Techblogger911 was right, you wouldn't want a 480p resolution for gaming--it would be a crappy game every single time. All other factors addressed by other replies aside, you'd want a great resolution with a good pixel density, and if I were you I would read up about resolution more, because it matters. Your entire rig should match up with your monitor's/television's resolution, for higher frame rates that could greatly improve your gaming experience. Take it from me, man.

  Lenny13 10:56 08 Jan 2019

I'm sorry guy, but it's just a budget comp.

  Deeply Blue 14:17 10 Jan 2019

You have a problem if you buy a really cheap PC. Those PCs will only play the sort of high end games you are talking about at very low settings. You will then find that your PC doesn't give a good gaming experience and write off PC gaming. In other words, you would be sabotaging your own experiment.

Work out which games you want to play and then decide how good you want the graphics to be. Then take a look for some PC vendors and ask them which PC you will need to buy. Ask several people as some will tell you you need to spend a lot of money, even when you don't. And some places will try to get your business by selling you a cheapo machine, even if it won't do what you want.

So ask around and then come back here with a list of 2-4 actual games which your gaming machine must play. Specify how slick you want the graphics to be. Tell us what you have had recommended. Then those who have experience with the games and/or the hardware can help.

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