Buying My First Gaming PC

  RicoYard 00:26 02 Sep 2019

Hey I’m looking to buy my first gaming PC. Always stuck with console gaming but now I would like to explore PC gaming. I know pretty much nothing about hardware and software I need. The primary games I want to play are Modded Minecraft, Modded GTA, and emulate old GameCube and DS games. Some other games I’ve looked into: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, Mordhau, Homeworld Remastered Collection, Anno 1880,Modded Skyrim, Forza, Cities skylines, Total War three kingdoms, Yakuza 0, Hitman, Return of the Obra Dinn. Not really looking to play multiplayer games. Mostly single. I would like the PC to be pre built and under $1500. Main purpose would be to mod the hell out of Minecraft! Thanks

  wee eddie 08:53 02 Sep 2019

Time to build a simple Spreadsheet > List each Game > Add its minimum Requirements > Select the highest of each > This becomes your Minimum Requirement > Chose any PC that exceeds this Minimum > Over this Minimum, the Higher you go the better your "potential" experience will be > £1500.00 should get you a beefy machine which will not be out of date until the week after next

  Bobbyja456 10:27 04 Oct 2019

Building your own PC is the most interest work you have to try. If you wonder about the price so you can check out this place Overclockers , they have many coupons and great deals

  nancyparker 09:56 05 Oct 2019

Must look out the type of CPU while you are going to building or buying a pc because it defines how good your gaming experience would be. Many CPUs comparison are available on the web, you can take the help of them. Click here

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