Bus driver (please help,my son wants it )o;!

  mrwoowoo 23:14 29 Jun 2008

My youngest(aged 10)has downloaded the bus driver 1 hour time limited demo twice.Once on my pc and once on his.The problem is,he loves it and wants to buy it.
He absolutely loves driving games,but this?come on.
Moral dilemma: Do i let him buy it and commit him to a life of anoraks, NHS glasses and note pads?
Be a mean and nasty dad and tell him to get yet another racing game?
Bite the bullet and play it with him?(please don't make me)

  [email protected] 00:15 30 Jun 2008

Most kids that age love playing games and although that one doesn't sound particularly exciting, it's better than him asking you to buy Grand Theft Auto for example.

I can sort of see where he's coming from actually. When I was a child I used to play Driver on the Playstation and I used to get great enjoyment going on a free drive then just driving around the city trying to obey all traffic laws. I guess it's the next best thing to actually driving a real car like your parents.

  crosstrainer 15:29 30 Jun 2008

Can't say it would be my choice of game, but many do enjoy this type of thing...Look at the popularity of "Train Sim"

I would bite the bullet and let him have the game. I'm sure it won't turn him into an anorak :)

  mrwoowoo 16:53 30 Jun 2008

Yes he has the train sim as well,but soon got bored, which i expect he will do with this.
As [email protected] says,better than playing GTA and the like.
He's mad on driving/racing games, and i think the idea of having to indicate and obey traffic laws for points appeals as he can play at being grown up.(spot on [email protected])
Of course he can have it,it's his pocket money that he's saved.
Actually i watched him play it and it's not quite as bad as i thought.Arggh,i'm turning into a geek as well.Now where's my bus time table(O:!

  bstb3 17:05 30 Jun 2008

you could always pretend it was a licenced game for the movie Speed :) dont let the speed drop below 55 or Kaboom!

On a side note, wasnt there a mission in GTA: Vice city where you had to drive a tour bus like that?

  mrwoowoo 17:52 30 Jun 2008

That sounds more like it(O:!
He won't graduate to the next level like that but it sounds more fun.
Soon i'll have a boy racer on my hands.

  crosstrainer 07:24 01 Jul 2008

Out of curiosity, how do you play a multiplayer game in a bus sim?

A race to your timetabled destination, spraying the poor passengers all over the place? :))

  theDarkness 01:25 02 Jul 2008

click here The game does play better than i expected, not too taxing and more interesting than the average train sim, lol. To get you in the mood, read the diary of a real uk bus driver, first heard of this on bbc radio, lol! click here

  mrwoowoo 02:55 02 Jul 2008

You all play the part of a passenger on the bottom deck in FPS mode.Aiming is difficult even in the confined space as the bus lurches from side to side,making the rounds last longer.Enemies range from middle aged mums and dads to oap's and the drunken old soak in the corner that everyone uses for target practice.Basically a training level.
The last player standing goes up the stairs to the next level.
Here the enemy is harder,tougher, faster and younger ,But don't despair as some of the AI is chronically nonexistent.
Hoodie..Very dangerous with very fast hands ,honed by endless hours on his xbox 360 but low AI.
The smack ead...basically cannon fodder.A melee attack should do it.(no AI)
Negotiate this level and it's on to the terminal.
Fares please.

  mrwoowoo 03:00 02 Jul 2008

Are you admiting to playing the demo or even the game?
Some websites make me smile,but your link to bloodbus was a riot.It had me giggling throughout.
Priceless. ((((O:!
Don't think i show my youngest though.(O:!

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