Bulding\Upgrading a gaming rig

  Justhavocman 18:40 30 Aug 2012

Hey there everyone , in need of proffesional\unproffesional advice on my gaming rig , ive built it during the past 2 yars and i think its time for an upgrade :D

Foxxcon H61MXV

AND Raddeon 6770HD

8GB Ram Corsair

600W Corsair PSU

i7 2600 , 3.4GHz

Coolermaster V8 Cpu cooler

  • i got a problem with the cpu cooler , although the temps vary from 37-46 full load , the cooler is making an extreme ammount of noise , like its always working on full speed :) , i would like to replace the motherboard , the graphics card and maybe the cooler :) please do tell me your opinions and suggestions :) thank you in advance

regards Teo!

  frybluff 19:53 30 Aug 2012

What is your monitor resolution, and what games do you want to play? What is your budget?

  Forum Editor 20:04 30 Aug 2012

This should be in the games forum. I'll transfer it now.

  Justhavocman 22:35 30 Aug 2012

Ok , resolution is 1920x1080 , gonna swap to a 32 LCD tv , full hd 1080P , 1920x1080 resolution too , my budget is around 300-350 dollars for mobo and graphics card !

  Justhavocman 23:06 30 Aug 2012

and playing games like WoW , Skyrim , MW3 , Diablo 3 and so on with high graphics

  frybluff 00:41 31 Aug 2012

Sorry, just spotted this. Cpu is i7-2600, not 2600K? Just wondering why the aftermarket cooler, in the first place.

  Justhavocman 08:09 31 Aug 2012

yeah 2600 , was getting some pretty hot temps with the stock cooler here in Greece , it IS rather hot ^^

  frybluff 11:13 31 Aug 2012

Ah. I see now. The only trouble with you being in Greece, is I don't know where would be the best place for you to buy, or what prices are like there. So, forgive me for talking in sterling. You'll have to check local sources.

Firstly, upgrading mobo, assuming current one is reliable, and performing OK, won't gain you a huge ammount. A bit better connectivity, and perhaps better control over that noisy cooler, but a lot of the "extra stuff" eg overclocking, PCIe 3.0, won't be available to you with a locked Sandybridge. If you were going to get an "unlocked", and/or Ivybridge, then yes. But it's probably not worth doing that. Personally, I think (provided no PROBLEMS with mobo), you may be better to wait until Haswell is out, next year, and upgrade to that. That is likely to give a real performance boost (time to save).

In terms of graphics card, an upgrade to a HD 6870 will give a decent performance boost, for games like Skyrim, if not at the highest settings. In UK, that's around £120, or £140 for good ones. It would be nice if you could stretch to HD 7850, or HD 7870, which are either side of the £200 mark, in UK, and suspect they may be over budget, in Greece, especially if you do want new mobo, as well. They would give a more significant boost.

  Justhavocman 12:08 31 Aug 2012

Hmm , well , you do have a point there , my mobo isn't giving me any trouble ( aside for it being small\compact with the RAM being close to the cooler and thus resulting in overheating or so ) so i could wait for the mobo you provided to be release to the market :) as for the graphics card , im thinking to go for a 7850 ( keeping in mind i wont upgrade my mobo at the momment ) will there be a considerable difference in graphics\gameplay? :) Also , thank you for taking time to respond to my thread :)

  frybluff 12:36 31 Aug 2012

Haswell is a new range of CPU's. If they prove to be as good, as is hoped, they are likely to be the "way to go" for upgrades. They will, however, need a completely different motherboard. If you change motherboard now, you either won't have the "option" of Haswell for the NEXT upgrade, or have to change mobo AGAIN. It just seems, if you don't HAVE to change mobo NOW, it's a good idea to wait and see if Haswell proves to be as good as hoped.

If your budget, in Greece, will allow for HD 7850 or 7870 (obviously the 70 is better) then either will give you a significant gain, at 1920x1080.

  Justhavocman 12:44 31 Aug 2012

i think ill go for the 7850 which is around 240 pounds , aprox 280 euros , as for the Haswell , do you have any heads up as to how much it will cost? the full bundle mobo+cpu?

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