Building pc, need second opinions.

  Kratos0000 18:25 26 Feb 2019

I'm going to be ordering parts for a pc that I want to build but I am pretty new to this. I'm trying to build a higher end pc and I believe I have everything right, but I would like some second opinions. The pc I want to build will be used mostly for gaming, I'm trying to get high quality then upgrade in the future if I want to. Thank you !

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  Menzie 23:16 26 Feb 2019

Why are you building a new PC with a 6th gen Intel processor?

If you're going to build a PC for gaming now build using either a current gen (9th) or a previous gen CPU (8th). Don't go any older than that for a new build.

You'll need a different motherboard for those generations.

The more modern motherboard will also have an M2 port, budget for an M2 NVME drive which is far faster than an SSD.

The rest of the specs are pretty good.

Do you really need a Blu Ray Writer? Most games now are digital. Even games you buy on disc have to be activated on Steam, Origin, U-Play, etc. When I buy physical games now I usually just tap the license code in and the game as well as all the updates downloads at the same time digitally.

Consider these points for a current gaming PC.

  Peter21 10:17 06 Mar 2019

Also, unless you really can't stand the "activate windows" watermark, I would recommend not spending money on a windows activation, since you can choose the "activate later" button on installation.

Also, the only reason you may want to go for a Win 10 Pro installation is if you need some of its features, and if that is the case, go ahead and get it!

  Peter21 10:20 06 Mar 2019

Also unless you have a specific need for it, I wouldn't get such an expensive sound card, and redirect some of that budget towards a component that would be more crucial such as more ram or or another drive.

Once again, if you do have a specific need for it though, ignore this response.

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