Bought an AMD gaming pc

  chasingthedragon 17:39 20 Jun 2012


I recently bought a pc from a mate with those stats and I heard the bulldozer processors arnt that great so I was wondering what it would take to be able to put in a intel i5 2500k processor? also would the current set up be ok for gaming until im able to do this?

  Hector Rex 19:32 23 Aug 2012

Basically the motherboard is either compatible with AMD or intel processors. so to your question can you swap the answer is no. i don't see why you'd want to anyway.. yes the bulldozer CPUs aren't as good as top of the range i7s but they are about £600 cheaper.. and in my view still very good..

i built my PC with an M5 A99X EVO motherboard, FX6200 Processor with non stock cooler, Sapphire HD7850 OC eddition graphics card, 8GB ram, 120GB SSD, 1TB Hard drive and blue ray drive.

I have no problem with the processor.. i have had a fiddle with the BIOS so it now runs at 4.4GHz standard and i've OCed it to 4.6GHz. i have over 250GB of programs and games and windows and all auto start programs are running within 6 seconds hitting enter when logging in.. I use so pretty heavy programs to such as Nastran and Patran stress analysis software for work both of which require a huge amount of processing power. I play Rage, Deadspace II, Wargame, Napoleon Total War and Metro all on Ultra settings and they all run extremely smoothly..

So yeah I wouldn't swap to intel for anything.. (unless i had about £3000 to spend on the build :P).. If things are running slowly use the Asus AI suite if you have it to boost performance and have a fiddle in the BIOS if you know what you are doing.. also, if you don't already, get a good CPU cooler, that can really help when over clocking etc.

Good luck,


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