Black Op's 4 worst COD yet?

  Keef 12:33 24 Nov 2018

Just bought this game, took over a day to download and I think I've wasted my money, great graphics terrible game play, anybody else bought this game on PC?

  Menzie 15:57 24 Nov 2018

I haven't purchased it, normally with Call of Duty games I buy the previous year's iteration which gets a heavy discount.

I only play the single player content and the offline split screen when I have visitors.

The latest version appears to have no single player so I've had no interest in it.

As with many online games these days, keep an eye out for updates as over the next few months. The developers will be tweaking and making changing according to the feedback from the community which should improve the current experience.

What do you find wrong with the gameplay?

  Keef 16:33 24 Nov 2018

After playing several games I've managed at last to get a few kills, it obvious most of the players are using cheats, the instant your seen your dead, they never miss hide behind a wall and they come around to get you, it takes an age to load, you cant leave a game and go to another, you've got go back to your desktop, very disappointed.

  Menzie 20:45 24 Nov 2018

The issues with not being able to leave a game and join another will probably be fixed in a patch (hopefully).

Not sure about the cheating however as this also happened on the console versions. It happened in previous versions of the game too.

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