The big question, MMORPG related.

  wolfie3000 23:55 01 Dec 2008

I'm currently playing the game perfect world and have gotten to a stage where i can buy clothes for my character but the big question is should i?

At the moment my character has just the normal armour but so many other players in game wear different clothes to make them stand out.

Heres what he looks like at the moment,

click here

The clothes cost a fortune in game and will nearly bankrupt me, also new cloths don't help you progress in the game either.

But on the other hand it would be nice not wearing such hideous armour all the time.

The only other alternative is to walk around in just pants.

click here

Iv got my eye on a smart red shirt with a dragon on it and some black jeans.

Or maybe someone generous could buy them for me lol.

  wolfie3000 00:16 02 Dec 2008

Bit of a long shot but i will sell 16 mirage stones for 4.5 million gold so i can buy the clothes, or sell a transfiguration scroll for 1 million gold.

Or you can rent my services for 500,000 an hour for quests, im a lvl 40 tanker with over 14 casting spells, can travel to any city and can enter any final boss tomb under level 40, alternatively i can grind for dragon quest materials for the same rate, special rates for orchis serene valley due to it being a popular PKing spot.

As i said a long shot, either i make alot more money quickly or i go bankrupt or i stick with the armour.

  Devil Fish 16:36 10 Dec 2008

was it not mark twain who said the clothes make the man

but your character is a beast so i wouldnt worry to much until you have the finances to buy new clothes if they have no bearing on the game it is a waste of resources

  acceptmyname 18:53 14 Dec 2008

Personally I would take all the clothes of your character and make him walk around butt Arse naked there would be no better satifaction than killing somebody like that LMAO

  wolfie3000 09:43 15 Dec 2008

Well i compromised and bought a pair of shorts just,
So it all worked out good, apart from now being skint.

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