Best online PC games

  iqs 23:07 31 Dec 2008


From my previous thread you will know that I have just discovered online gaming,so what are the best games for online gaming,in your opinion,excluding games like W.O.W


  mrwoowoo 02:02 02 Jan 2009

Quake 4.
It does take some getting used to and is rather hectic,so it's best to find a server with only two or three people on at first.
Still at only £4.99...can't be bad.

  iqs 13:18 02 Jan 2009

Hello and a big thank you for all your links,will go through all and see which suits my requirements .


  IClaudio 13:39 04 Jan 2009

For me, WarHammer Online at the moment, but if you're not into WOW-like games, then I'd recommend Trackmania, it is SO addicitve! (And free to play)

Halo is a blast too, in a different way :)

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