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Beginner Help With Custom PC Build!

  Sintrixx_95 14:50 27 Aug 2019

Hey All, been looking into starting PC gaming for a while now and found this being promoted by Novatech (They're a well known PC Company where I live). click here their new release of gaming PC's that are fully customizable and I am currently looking at investing into their Viper PC which is their entry level. What do you all think of the spec on this PC? Is their anything i should look at upgrading?

Would really appreciate any of your help!!


  john bunyan 15:34 27 Aug 2019

Not a gamer so wait for comments on spec. Like you I live near Novatech and bought a quite powerful desktop a couple of years ago. Excellent service and helpful.

  Menzie 17:07 27 Aug 2019

Almost £2000 and you only get a 2070?! That's way too much money.

If you're spending the kind of money that PC goes for, don't settle for anything less than a 2080 video card. A 2080 Super would be better if possible.

  Menzie 17:24 27 Aug 2019

I looked at the rest of the build, it is one of the more expensive Intel chips on the market as well as a big SSD (so overall the price isn't bad). The i9 is a good chip, everything else looks pretty solid. If you can stretch for the 2080 super it'll push the price up to around £2,100.

You'll get more time cranking everything to the max with such a card as well as running the upcoming Ray-Tracing stuff well.

The 2070 itself is a good card, overall the resolution you'll be gaming at would also determine which card is best.

Contact Novatech, they are quite helpful. I have several friends who have bought their machines in the past.

  Sintrixx_95 13:55 30 Aug 2019

Thanks Everyone for your help, will go into their warehouse to speak and purchase as you have both mentioned the quality of their customer service.

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