Battlefield 3

  Flak999 14:45 25 Oct 2011

How many people have pre-ordered and are eagerly awaiting this game? I know I am, I have my order with Amazon and am looking forward to Friday when it's released. I played and thoroughly enjoyed Battlefield 2, so I am expecting great things from it's successor!

  gengiscant 05:05 26 Oct 2011

I to enjoyed battlefeild 2 but have stopped getting sequels as soon as they are released. I have only just finished the latest Medal of Honor which I found quite boring and I have yet to complete Black ops for the same reason. There is rarely anthing that makes a sequel stand out these days, it seems more of a money making exercise by producing more of the same each time. I will probably get it but not right away. I'll wait to see what the forums are saying and its a bit cheaper. I have stopped reading game review magazines as,somtimes they seem to be writing aboutba totally different game than thevone that I was playing even though they had the same title. Much to much hype these days and far to much disappointment in games.

  monkeyboy21 20:52 02 Nov 2011

Have to say, I'm very disappointed so far with it. I'm on ps3, very laggy gameplay, a few mw addition rather than keeping it similar to bc2. No cooking grenades and hit damage is poor. The sighting leaves a little to be desired as well. Think I need to persevere. Just find it very frustrating.

  Sheephead 06:54 03 Nov 2011

It is this seasons game of choice amongst my friends. As we're spread far & wide througout the land CoD gaming sessions & Battlefield 2 were our regular 'meet-up' method. I've not played single player on MW2 or Black Op's cos I always just played online. I think that's the main reason people buy them now isn't it? I've decided not to buy bf3 because 1. I'm skint & 2. I'm a bit bored of gaming atm!

  Flak999 00:47 05 Nov 2011

Well, I have been playing BF3 since it came out and I am impressed! It loaded and played faultlessly for me and graphically it is very good played on ultra settings.

I am still feeling my way around it, but I must admit I'm hooked!

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