Batman arkham origins anyone played?

  martd7 13:33 26 Oct 2013

Have this morning downloaded via steam batman arkham origins

Played it for an hour seems quite good,the graphics are amazing and very detailed,playability is a bit hand held in some parts but so far so good

  mrwoowoo 23:11 05 Nov 2013

Played just over an hour myself now. Agree about the graphics. If all games had the same stylish,jaw dropping graphics as the Batman series i would be a very happy man. Yes, it's a bit holdy handy. But i don't mind that as i often forget which button to press (O:! Have you used the stun gauntlets yet? A lot of people are complaining as it makes the game too easy. Effectively a one hit kill. Can't see the problem. If you don't like the idea, then don't equipe them. The choice is yours. Splitting my time between this and BF4.

  martd7 10:12 06 Nov 2013

Havent got that far to use the stun gauntlets,my attention has been diverted to BF4 another stunning and highly playable game

  mrwoowoo 03:22 07 Nov 2013

Mart Do you play BF4 multiplayer or just the single player campaign? I love the multiplayer side of it although i'm not too good. Struggling with a 0.6 K/D ratio at the moment. Still trying to get used to the maps. I often find i get killed by someone directly in front of me who's not even there untill you see the kill cam. Still, all in all an excellent game with only a few niggles. At least i had a positive k/d on BF3 (O:!

  martd7 10:47 07 Nov 2013

No not multiplayer i do not have the time really so i just play single player for an hour a day at most,liking bf4 very much,running on ultra settings on an i5 3.2 and a nvidia gtx 660 2gb without any issues,it even looks good on low settings

  mrwoowoo 21:36 13 Nov 2013

mart7 I don't get much time either, maybe 20 mins to an hour at most. A lot of team death match games only last 7mins up to about 35mins at the most depending on the number of tickets, so time or a lack of it shouldn't put you off multi player. You can quit mid game or a few minutes in, and still keep your stats. And nobody minds LOL. I was exclusively single player for years with no multi player interest at all, now I love. Even with a few minutes here and there. Give it a go. You might enjoy it.

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