Asus Striker II Extreme

  [DELETED] 10:46 22 Jul 2008

Anyone runs this motherboard?

Have you had trouble setting it up?

And how long does it take you finally to get it to work as you wanted? It took me over a month!!
And twice the budget.

System spec:

Coolermaster Cosmos full tower
Coolmaster 1KW psu

Asus Striker II Extreme mobo
Q9450 2.66ghz @ 3.4ghz
4 gb Corsair DDR3 RAM @1600 Mhz

2x EVGA GTX280 Supercharged in SLI

64bit Vista Ultimate on 4x WD 74gb 10K Raptor in Raid5
32bit Vista Ultimate on 1TB WD

Logitech G15 Keyboard
Logitech wireless laser mouse

Dell 30" 3008WFP monitor

  mrwoowoo 14:01 22 Jul 2008

You haven't had any trouble,you're just showing off.(O:!
Jeez,thats a Crysis eating system if ever i've seen one.And to think,you've overclocked it as well(was that to do with the problems you were having)
If anyone else has got this system on the forum i'm chucking my rig in the bin and sticking to the ps3.)O:!

  [DELETED] 15:02 22 Jul 2008

Yes, I still got some minor and irritating problem such as either the screen will go black while the game is still going on at the background or the system just power down for no reason(temp is high but within the torlerence).

<<And to think,you've overclocked it as well(was that to do with the problems you were having)>>

No, in fact I'd to overclock it in order to get it working properly.:0)
I'd to update the mobo's bios 5 times,tried 9800 gx2,standard gtx280,supercharged gtx280,it'll behave on 1 card but not 2 in sli( PC or game will freeze),but it's not the case for the 9800gx2 tho' because it's still classied as a sli.

I'd to change a lot of settings in the bios as well as the voltages in order to get a balanced and stable system, what a challenge but we love it all,don't we?

I just want to know if anyone runs a similar system with the same board so as to share some useful informations.

It eats most of the "new games" on the market even at 2500x1600 at maximum AA particularly those which support quad core. :-))

  mrwoowoo 16:10 22 Jul 2008

Obviously you more than know what you're doing,but have you overlooked locking the PCI-E speed to 100MHz?
My overclock is 49C at idle,but Mass effect does freeze when it hits 60c under load on a warm day even though it's within tollerence.On a cool day a few degrees lower and it runs fine.
I'll leave it now for someone who may have the same board.
Good luck

  mrwoowoo 16:12 22 Jul 2008

Have you seen this?
click here

  [DELETED] 17:20 22 Jul 2008

Yes, the pci-e speed is fixed at 100mhz.

My OC idles at 38-42 C and never exceeds 60 C even at max AA and resolution at 2560x1600 under load.

I have no freezing anymore now,those were problems before OC and bios configurations,it's the screen blackout I want to know wheather it's related to Mobo or the GTX280.

I'm on bios version 0901 but I believe the SLI driver issue might be still there.

  mrwoowoo 01:01 24 Jul 2008

A lot of people are reporting freezing problems with this board.(it's worth googling it)
A little snippet that might be relevant.

My problem with the Striker II Extreme on default bios settings (i.e. AUTO)
I have had the same freezing problems with a QX9650/Galaxy PSU etc

My solution came when I realised CPUz was reporting my voltage varying up and down every 5 seconds or so, something must be wrong.

So I booted into the bios (tap delete on power up).

Extreme Tweeker > Over Voltage

Loadline Calibration [Disable] (This function causes more problems than it solves (try Googling it)

CPU Voltage [1.25v] AUTO was fluctuating. Also because of V droop on this board (especially with Quad Core) Auto isn't sufficiant for a 100% load on any core.

Leave the rest as they are (AUTO)

Save and EXIT

Your PC should be stable now.. even overclocked (You could change the multiplier to x10 3.3ghz overclock at that voltage)

Good Luck

  [DELETED] 15:03 24 Jul 2008

for the information.

As I said,the freezing problems were only with me when I had the default bios shipped with the mobo,it's all gone now after a lot of tweaking and updating and I have a very stable and brilliant system.

I also found out the original OCZ ram that I had gave me problem as well,which is resolved after I RMAed them and got the Corsair.

It's the occasional screen blackout particularly during game play(full load)that annoys me.

After a few days' observation,I come to a conclusion that it's down to my 2 GTX280(OC) which overheat under full load.I changed all 4 120 mm case fans to turbo version(the coolermaster ones are quiet enough but not shifting a lot of hot air),all is well now.

In fact I clocked the cpu from 3.4 to 3.5ghz now and the system still idles at 36-37 C (never exceeds 48 C)and core temp never exceeds 62 C under load.

BTW my son just finished Crysis on it after a few hours,no problem reported,all is well, what a game!

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