Is Asus ROG GL553VE coming to Europe? When?

  Henrique Lourenco 19:22 24 Feb 2017

Title says it all, thanks.

  Archonar 18:48 02 Mar 2017

Is this what you are looking for? click here

  Henrique Lourenco 11:33 07 Mar 2017

Yes that is the laptop that im talking about but i was wondering if it is coming to the other european countrys like Portugal (Btw i know this is a UK site but it doesnt hurt to ask am i right? xD)

  Archonar 13:47 07 Mar 2017

You should be able to ship it to portugal from amazon uk, I just entered it and it didn't throw up any issues

  Henrique Lourenco 02:48 11 Mar 2017

Alrighty, thanks

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