podlod 17:05 05 Nov 2010

Hi, my sister who bought the game as above did not like the game after an hour or so, so she decided to hand me the game, but when I registered the game I could not play as it was registered to her, besides that you could only play online. I think it is DISGUSTING as if you buy an item in a shop and decide you do not wish to keep this item in question but hand it to someone else, you will be forbidden to! Is there a way I could play this game which is now rightly mine? thank you for any advice.

  gengiscant 17:22 05 Nov 2010

More details 'podlod'I don't like guessing games.
What do you mean registered? How is it registered?
Is this a Steam game or a Games For Windows title?

  gengiscant 17:33 05 Nov 2010

I have had a quick look about and providing you use the same user name and password as your sister you can play the game.

Many games these days I tied to one person or an account, I use Steam click here for most of my games, there are pros,I do not need the game disk,if my PC crashes I do not have to reinstall my games as they are kept separate in a folder on another drive, 60 GB worth. The games are automatically patched when needed. Cons , I cannot sell the game on once I have finished with it, they tend to be more expensive to begin with.

  podlod 19:11 05 Nov 2010

Hi, sorry the game is Assassins creed 2 and I have to register to Ubisoft which I did but cannot play game?

  gengiscant 20:16 05 Nov 2010

As I have said you will have to use your sisters log in details to play the game.
You will be able start a new game.
Have you finished Fallout 3? I am playing the follow up, Fallout:New Vegas, not very impressed.

  podlod 15:32 06 Nov 2010

Hi, I have tried to use all my sisters details but still no luck as they want to know too much and not the same email address,I am gutted and disgusted!!!
Hi Glen, I hope you are feeling better?Could not complete Fallout 3 as there was no ship that transported me up, so obviously the second disc was not working?I have the Mothership Zeta edition but could not complete, gutted again. Not having much luck lately, and disappointed with The Witcher which I am now playing, graphics brilliant but fighting poor, and language a little bit too strong, and everyone looks the same, ho hum.

  gengiscant 16:43 06 Nov 2010

This might help with fallout 3 click here

  gengiscant 08:48 07 Nov 2010

You say that you did not complete Fallout 3, did you play any of the extra content? i.e:
1.Operation Anchorage
2.The Pitt
3.Broken Steel
4.Point Lookout
5.Mothership Zeta

  podlod 09:12 07 Nov 2010

Hi Gen, I dont think I completed any of those content, certainly no new pipboy or mother zeta, no it looks like I missed out on all of those. I did have many many game crashes, and freezing up on me though, drove me bloody mad but I still managed to get too level 20 but after that it would not increase above that! If I could manage to rid myself of those game crashes I would start again and follow your directions as I think the game is really good!

  gengiscant 09:24 07 Nov 2010

OK,I cannot remember what I did to get the extra content to load, so I will reinstall the game and extra content and figure it out.
Will get back to you.

  gengiscant 12:41 07 Nov 2010

OK the reason that you did not get the extra content is that it has to be loaded.
Double click the Fallout 3 launcher or just put the game disk in.
Go down to data files and click on it,another window will open listing the extra content, put a tick in all box's.Click OK.

Load the game and go for a wander and you will get radio messages telling you other places have open up,or something like that. Then you can just go to quests and you will see new ones listed.

You will also be able to increase your level to 30.
Did you also install this patch for the game?click here Make sure it is the UK version.

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