AOL - XBox 360 and unable to play games against

  Audio~~Chip 20:47 15 Feb 2010

--- other xbox 360 players.

Asking for a friend who has XP machine on AOL Broadband with a Thompson SpeedTouch 556? or similar version router connected by Lan. they have 2 Xbox360s one connecting wireless and other via Ethernet to router.

Problem is non of them will make connection with friends on the XBox360 to games against.

All I can suggest is check the AOL is working. At the time when on phone he hadn't checked but in advance when he does

I thought of somesort of Firewall issue within the AOL SpeedTouch ST556 v6 router but not sure.

Can any forum member suggest what to look at or try maybe please.

  gengiscant 16:12 17 Feb 2010

I had a similar problem with my wii,to get past the problem I inputted my wii mac number into the router, which sorted the problem.

To find the MAC address of your Xbox 360:

Go to the "System" area of the Xbox Dashboard;
Select "Network Settings";
Select "Edit Settings.";
Select "Additional Settings";
Select "Advanced Settings";
At the bottom of this screen you'll see a heading called "Wired MAC Address," which is your MAC address.

  Audio~~Chip 16:15 17 Feb 2010

didn;t think anyone was going to reply to this. As there is also a Wireless Xbox does that also have the MAC address to put into router?


  mrwoowoo 17:11 17 Feb 2010

Our PS3 was able to browse the internet but not connect to the Playstation network. Although not an Xbox we are on AOL.
In our router settings we turned off/disabled upnp and connection resumed as normal.
Perhaps something to try if nothing else works.
You can always turn it back on again.

  Audio~~Chip 21:58 17 Feb 2010

Will try that also tomorrow, I got the day off so will call round at my friends and have ago.

  gengiscant 09:38 18 Feb 2010

As far as I know every gadget has a mac number if it connects to the internet, its just a question of how to find it. Google is your friend here, just put the name of gadget and find mac address or something similar, and chances are the info will be there.

  Audio~~Chip 11:09 18 Feb 2010

As you said earlier I have seen the mac address setting in the settings of the xbox before.

With the SpeedTouch 585 v6 router it has a section for Firewall and games. Is there anything in this that might need configuring like making sure the firewall in the router is set to Standard maybe?

  gengiscant 17:27 18 Feb 2010

I found this,might be of some help.
click here

  Audio~~Chip 20:11 18 Feb 2010

I added Xbox 360 to the allowed list of games in the router firewall, and also changed the type of device to Games console and it worked!

Thanks both gengiscant & mrwoowoo

There was not where available in the router for adding a mac number address only DNS settings.

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