Anyone else using a console for gaming instead

  Armchair 12:46 29 Mar 2009

of upgrading their PC?

That's what's happened to me. Didn't think I'd ever go back to console land. Not after the Dreamcast fiasco, and the PS2 leaving me cold.

Five years of PC gaming under my belt (2003 - 2008), but I've had enough now. Can't be bothered with it, and the necessary hardware upgrades have put me off. I'll keep using the emulators and a few select titles (eg Unreal Tournament), but for new stuff..... Got a 360 last April, and after a slow start, it's 'grown on me'.

Forza 2 was the only initial game to get me hooked (GTA4 did nothing for me), but now Far Cry 2 has shown me that this console really can deliver the goods. Now I just need the 360 to stay in production for a few years, and hope it doesn't conk out! No problems so far, anyway.

  grey george 18:07 29 Mar 2009

I went down the console root with an original xbox which broke just after the 360 was introduced. So I upgraded to a 360 which has been returned for repair (ring of death) twice, I now have it supported off the ground with a 7" fan blowing across it. I assume a new version will be just around the corner and in order to play the latest releases I will have to upgrade again. So whether pc or console you still get locked in to an upgrade circle. I am starting to drift back to pc games particularly for flight sims.

  dagnammit 08:34 31 Mar 2009

PC gaming is dying out. You only have to look at what's available to see why... The main reason being it's expensive and piracy is rife!

I lost interest in PC gaming a while back, about 2 years actually and I have the 360, PS3, PSP and DS to game on.

My PC and netbook are used solely & exclusively for internet access.

  IClaudio 19:27 01 Apr 2009

click here

for a good explanation of why that is a fallacy.

Plus, 11 million World of Warcraft players are playing using their.... PCs

  dagnammit 23:28 01 Apr 2009

11 million? pffft that's nothing... for some serious (in the large sense) numbers click here

  IClaudio 23:35 01 Apr 2009


Point taken! 11 mill sounded a lot to me...

  dagnammit 09:02 02 Apr 2009

To be fair the 11 million is quite an achievement for a game. :) but the PC gaming market is going down.

click here

  dagnammit 09:02 02 Apr 2009

click here

one more link.

  kalignorgna 14:45 02 Apr 2009

at the mo i have a PC, 360, PS2, PS3 and PSP but for me its all about the games i don't care how old the games is or how rubish the grapics are if the the games good i still play icewind dale, age of empires 2 and red alert 1 and love them just as much as i did when i first bought them.

i play more on my pc and have for 13 years and is still for me the best way to play games, the only console close is the playstation playing rez5 at mo on PS3 :)

  Armchair 18:22 02 Apr 2009

Most of the people I socialise/correspond with have a 360 (or two, or three), too. Some of them live in other countries, but they battle each other on Live on a Wednesday night. The value for money and ease of use of this console has tempted them back into gaming, some after a decade or two away from it. Which is great, imo.

Agree with you on the age of games not mattering, kalignorgna. Most of my favourites are arcade shooters, pre-1984 (eg Galaxian, Robotron 2084). As stated, Unreal Tournament remains my favourite FPS. Not the later versions, but the 1999 original. It doesn't get much better than that.

I still hunger for new 'material', though, and the 360 seems the best option for my budget.

  kalignorgna 09:35 03 Apr 2009

I think it depends on the type of games that you play i play a lot of RPGs and strategy games and pc is still the best for these. but for FPS i think the consoles have more and better ones the pc and of course their are a lot of games out there that just wouldn’t work as well on pc such as mirrors edge

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