Any xBox games as good as RDR?

  Graphicool1 10:54 19 Apr 2011

Does anyone know of any game/s as on a par with and as good as...

Red Dead Redemption &/or Fable 1, 2 or 3.

Preferably...NOT war games.

NOT Scrolling or Platform.

Fighting is fine, but...NOT 'Turn Based'.

May include 'Problems to Solve', 'Collecting Stuff'.

Roll Playing.

I've just finished Red Dead and it's add-ons and I am now looking for something to fill that gap. But to be honest, I haven't seen anything anywhere near as good as either that or fable. I've been spoilt and I'm now thinking that perhaps xBox has nothing on offer at present that can replace them. I feel as though I've been hung out to dry.

  Inept Pig 11:09 19 Apr 2011

I personally thought that Fable was a bit weak, I played number 2 but it was something of a chore to get through another of Peter Molyneux's games which was preceded by lots of big talk but failed to deliver as much as was promised - but at least he aims high...

Red Dead Redemption on the other hand, was excellent once it got going.

For RPGs - have you tried Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2, or either of the Dragon Age titles?

The games that you mentioned you liked seem to suggest a big open playground for you to explore - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (or Assassin's Creed 2) are both excellent, but may be a bit too 'platform' for you (there's a fair bit of running and jumping involved in assassination, as well as Stealth and problem solving)

Grand Theft Auto would also fit in this, but I've not been such a fan of the recent title; very pretty but lots of niggling faults, and (in my opinion) not as good as RDR. Just Cause 2 is quite good fun, big open playground lots of explosions, huge maps, plenty of vehicles to obtain - iffy voice-acting and can get a bit repetitive, but still good for a play through. Alternatively, Crackdown is fairly good fun, but doesn't feature any puzzles.

Don't forget that Portal 2 is out soon, and if you've not played Portal it would be an ideal time to try it.

Any of those appeal?

  Graphicool1 12:10 19 Apr 2011

Hi Inept Pig

Thanx for responding to quickly. I've noticed in the past that people tend to be much slower to respond on most forums, other than 'Helproom'.

Regarding Fable: I played 2 first, then 1 and then 3. I wasn't overjoyed with the fetching stuff as I felt that as his fame grew there should have been less and less of it. But I have to say in the main I enjoyed it. Except for the glitches, of which there were even more in 3. Also 3 was a lot shorter and it seemed over before it started.

Red Dead Redemption I couldn't fault, either on or off line. Even though it was totally different in each genré.

Yes you are correct, I like free roam, go where I like, follow the story or not. I don't like games or events where I'm playing against the clock.

I don't know anything about these...'Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2'. As for 'Dragon Age' I've seen trailers for it and although I can't remember why, at that time I decided against it?

Perhaps I should give it another look and also look at the other two (above).

As for...'Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (or Assassin's Creed 2)'. I've played a little bit of 'Assassin's Creed 2'. It was also recommended by someone else. But I found it too restricting I'd barely started it and there was already 'climbing against the clock' it's a 'Platform'!

Isn't 'Grand Theft Auto' in the car racing genré? Although I didn't add that to the No-No list, in my opening gambit, I'm even less of a fan of that.

What do you know about 'Home Front' I know it's set in the war, but the 'Hero' isn't stricktly speaking a soldier?

As for the other two you mentioned, they sound like they might be boring. In as much as switch off and Kill ~ Destroy ~ Kill ~ Destroy etc no intrigue, nothing else to think about. A bit brainless or braindead!

'Portal 2' are they some kind of robots? With skinny arms and legs?

I'll have another look at 'Dragons Age' and also look at...(come to think of it I think I have heard of)...'Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2'. Aren't they space war games?

Of what you've said here, I think that the ones that stand out for me are...'Portal 2 and Dragons age'...I'll give them a look.


Here's a tip: If you want to try out a new or old game. The cheapest way to do it ~ that I've found ~ is to go down to your local library. You can hire games for £3 a week. Just enough time to try them and see if you like them enough to buy them.

  Inept Pig 12:55 19 Apr 2011

I wouldn't say Assassin's Creed was a platform; there's so much more to it than that - but obviously there is the running and jumping, so understand if this isn't too your tastes. Brotherhood is better than 2; so perhaps if you've ran out of options you could give it a go!

Grand Theft Auto involves cars, and the occasional getaway chase - but again - there's so much more to the game than just that!

Crackdown and Just Cause 2 aren't taxing on the brain; but it's worth giving the demos a go just to see as they do offer an open play environment. Alternatively take a look on YouTube for gameplay videos and see if you like the look of what you see.

When you rule out 'war' as an option, you rule out a lot of games...! I'm currently enjoying Splinter Cell: Conviction which involves a fair degree of stealth and allows you to take a more considered approach to each level (as opposed to going in all guns blazing), it may also be worth your while taking a look at Bioshock (which was over-hyped, but had it's good points), and if you've not played Portal, perhaps you missed out on The Orange Box? Which fantastic value for money. Depending on how far back you want to go The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was also well-received at the time, but I never really got into it.

Mass Effect 2 is set in space; yes, but a Space War game? Not really.

Fallout 3 is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth; it has an nice gradual introduction but was certainly a favourite game of mine.

Haven't played Homefront; but thought that it looked to be another fairly generic shooter with nothing new (and having just trudged through Black Ops I was not keen to play another)

  Graphicool1 18:01 19 Apr 2011

Appart from 'BIOSHOCK' which I tried but couldn't really get into. You've given me quite a lot of titles to look at and I thank you for that.

The ones I've written down are...


Because the visuals etc seem to get better with each successive edition of a game in a series. I'll look at these editions as you have listed and not go back in search of the first release.

I'll post back if I find any that I feel I like the look of enough to purchase.

Thanx again for you time. G1

  Graphicool1 18:06 19 Apr 2011

This is how I intended them to be written, for ease of reading, for anyone else that might be interested...

The ones I've written down are...










  AllThumbs 01:46 21 Apr 2011

I can't speak for their x-box versions but I have played some of these on the pc.

The orange box is a whole bunch of Half Life stuff and is, well flawed perfection sounds an oxymoron but it kind of sums it up. Stunning game(s) with a few flaws.

Fallout 3 was an experience as much as a game and very atmospheric stuff. Like living a book.

Mass effect2 I stopped playing cos I actually didn't like it as much as the first one - but I may well return and give it another go because like the first one the scifi edge to it was nice and crisp (I had issue with some of the combat is all).

Just Cause 2 is a lovely sandbox game where the plot is less important than relaxing and having your avatar do weird things.

I loved Oblivion ( I think it's "The Elder Scrolls IV/ Oblivion" as one title) ....except for the main plot. Which sounds damning but really isn't. Ignoring the central plot was not as dismissive as it sounds and still left you tons to explore.

Not tried anything else on this list, but it's a pretty sweet list.

  Graphicool1 12:54 21 Apr 2011

Thanx for your mini review input AllThumbs.

I followed some advice given by Inept Pig and looked at some the games in his list on YouTube Gameplay.

Of the ones I've looked at so far, I thought...

PORTAL/2: ~ Seems to be the sort of game you could dip into, when you had a few minutes to kill. A bit too repetitive and boring to play constantly, but ok as a time filler.

JUST CAUSE/2: ~ Looks entertaining, with plenty to do and see, could be compelling.

CRACKDOWN: ~ Although very similar to 'Just Cause', of the two I prefer JC.

SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION: ~ Was much more to my liking, sneaking around, taking them out one at a time.

MASS EFFECT/2: ~ I like the graphics and the game play. But what I don't like is the fact that you're almost continually in the dark. I guess they're trying to make it more intriguing and moody. However, sadly it somewhat put's me off.

THE ELDER SCROLLS/IV: OBLIVION: ~ Would have looked better and more appealing, if I hadn't have already played FABLE. It seems to me that Fable was based on the 'Elder Scrolls'. The trouble is that game play and graphics have moved on leaps and bounds and we are expecting an wanting so much more now. There are some games that you just can't go back to.

HALF LIFE: ~ Seems to be mainly, just mindless running and shooting. Nothing here to keep me coming back for more.

BIOSHOCK: ~ Way off the wall, this is the only game in this list that I've actually played. Though, not for long, I just couldn't get into to it. Initially I didn't really know what was happening. By the time I did I didn't care enough to keep playing.

FALLOUT/3: ~ From the trailer I think it's a game I'd definately play.

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