any pc suggestions for gaming??

  rendouzves 14:35 09 Sep 2013

What pc do you guys reccomend me to get with a budget of 500- 600 pounds? please do not post part by part.. i just want a pre- built machine that will be able to run current and next gen games smoothly... this is my alternative to a next gen console.

  chub_tor 16:11 09 Sep 2013

For that kind of money you will not get a machine that will play all current and next generation games at their maximum rates. That said you might consider Dell Alienware X-51 or something from the Overclockers range

  rendouzves 17:07 09 Sep 2013

You say that but i have seen quite a few such as these two.. they both seem pretty powerful and good for the price... They are also titled as gaming computers??

click here

click here

  nickf 17:12 09 Sep 2013

click here . This is an example of what you can get , although you don't mention weather you require monitor , keyboard etc . Chub_tor is right , you wont get the very best performance , but should be ok at lower screen resolution and lower settings . At current prices , I personally would not consider anything under £800 .

  rendouzves 17:20 09 Sep 2013

nickf .. those computer specs don't seem as good as the other computers i posted and it costs more??? why is it so expensive to buy a computer that you can play games on these days!?

  chub_tor 09:22 10 Sep 2013

Gaming is all about controlling the graphics and less about the processor. If you want to see where your suggested machines rank with either the HD 7750 or the GTX 650 against all the other cards then Click Here. To play many of the latest games at full resolution and full speed you need to think about spending a lot more money.

1]: [click here

  rendouzves 19:13 10 Sep 2013

a gaming pc seems so expensive in comparison to a console!? i was thinking of getting the alienware x51 i5 version for 699 pounds... i have heard people saying that they are overpriced but it actually performs very well?? if thats the case then surely you can make a computer as good as the alienware x51 i5 for cheaper!? another option is to wait until christmas/ january time and get one with a budget of 1000 pounds however i do not really want to spend that much on a PC.

  Forum Editor 19:55 10 Sep 2013

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  nickf 17:18 15 Sep 2013

Costs for gaming PC's see higher because you get what you pay for ! If you are happy with low frame rates , lower resolutions and being restricted to using only a controller . Also your gaming PC doesn't just play games , is easily upgradable and be modded to look however you like . I have my own which I had built , and I have upgraded components as I can afford to . If you are just a fun light gamer then it is hard to justify the cost , but if you are serious about gaming and want to play graphically intense games like Crysis 3 at there best then a gaming PC is the way to go . Good luck .

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