Any gamers 30 yrs and younger.?

  Uboat 20:24 27 Dec 2010

Flashback to 1986.. most of us now a days have super dooper consoles or hyper spec'd pc's that run awsome games, BUT how about the games i was brought up with.?

Well here goes! this was the legandary "Gryzor" from 1986 and it was state of the art stuff back then! so think yourselves lucky lol

Am i getting old.?

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:35 27 Dec 2010

click here

Had something similar to this in the 70's

4 lines of leds, left right joystick and a fire button.

you had to time it right to hit a led that was dropping down from the top.

To top it all it had sound effects too!!!!


  Uboat 21:02 27 Dec 2010

Fruit Bat Oh good times wasnt they eh! how fast does life move on...

  ams4127 21:50 27 Dec 2010

What about Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy?!!

Remember the first "Flight Sim" on the ZX81? You had to guide a little cursor down to a white mark on the screen using the cursor keys. That's if the thing didn't crash while you were typing in the code....!!

  Uboat 22:03 27 Dec 2010

ams4127 oh yes! i was there!
What about Chuckie Egg...?

there was a website a few years ago that had converted 80% of the games back then but i cant find them.? anyone could play the games no adverts no rubbish just gaming how it used to be..but i think its gone.??

  Forum Editor 23:31 27 Dec 2010

from Speakers Corner.

  Jwbjnwolf 15:54 31 Dec 2010

I am 15
I know about that those really old games were great and i wish i was around then.

Two games from the 90s:

1: lemmings, lemmings paintball,
2: Creatures

  Devil Fish 01:27 02 Jan 2011

well certainly not 30yrs or younger (wish i was ) but well remember and participated in the glory days of the atari spectrum and comodore

i think it was the atari 2600 that brought the delights of astroid space invaders and frogger to our front room

not long after that little bro was modifying code on the zx spectrum and shortly after that i had a real pc in the shape of a 286 which i promptly took to pieces and put back together again it was never the same again thank you for the flashback

  AllThumbs 13:42 23 Feb 2011

Don't shoot me FE

click here

A mate of mine sent me a game he wrote which was a variant of a ZX game. Predates my gaming memory but reminded me of the above magazine and of how much I loved my Amiga.

For all I like modern graphics I miss the pure gameplay supremacy of some of the yesteryear games.

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