Any game modders out there?

  wolfie3000 23:43 12 Jun 2008

If so which games do you mod?
Iv been modding different games for a few years now and enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ideas for different games.

So which games do you mod if any?
For me i mod,

Tomb raider Legend
Tomb raider Anniversary
GTA Vice city
GTA San Andreas
Halo CE
Postal 2
Max payne 1 & 2

  mrwoowoo 01:48 13 Jun 2008

Never thought about modding until you mentioned it in a post a few months ago,so i had a little dabble.
GTA3... Played as spiderman and ronald macdonald (sad,but easy to start with)and a few different vehicles and buildings.
Mafia... Got extra vehicles.
Just a dabble to get an idea of whats involved. May well try and mod a game properly when i find a suitable newish game on vista.

  wolfie3000 01:55 13 Jun 2008

The easiest games to mod are the 2 tomb raider games i mentioned,

You can download my mods for both games from here.

click here

All you need to put the mods into the game are supplied with full instructions.

My latest project is called Project Blackout and should be released soon.

click here

  crosstrainer 07:20 13 Jun 2008

It wasn't you who did that hysterical but useless Max Payne 1 mod where he's dressed like John Travolta in Saturday night fever, and dances around in a trance every time he takes a painkiller was it?

  wolfie3000 11:55 13 Jun 2008

Lol no it wasn't, by the sounds of it i wish i was.

  crosstrainer 12:35 13 Jun 2008

It's still there:

click here

  wolfie3000 12:43 13 Jun 2008

Thanks for that Crosstrainer,
I am not registered to Tech republic so after a bit5 of googling i found it on

click here

Plus alot of other Max Payne mods.

click here

  wolfie3000 12:45 13 Jun 2008

oops done that wrong, heres the page i meant.

click here

  crosstrainer 14:29 13 Jun 2008

The John Travolta one is really funny....You won't be able to play the game for laughing!

  wolfie3000 14:31 13 Jun 2008

Will be trying it out later on tonite as my Max Payne 2 game isnt installed at the moment, im looking forward to it though.

  mad1234 12:31 16 Jun 2008

i have always wondered how you mod games. do you need to be a programmer or can anyone do it?

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