Any free games for mid range laptop?

  Lvaivis 22:37 16 Apr 2017

Hello i have an shit laptop and i want to play some games in free time

I5 6200U 4Gb DDR3L 940M and HD graphics

So i am searching for free games(becouse i don't want to pay for games for now becouse for now i am broke as f*) Games i want. Some space sim, racing(with good sound not low quility), FPS or survival maybe some strategy

I have played LOL. i realy liked Garen becouse of high demage and tank"ienes" and crowd control

Blackligth retribution..too difficult and allmost die on every spawn

Star conflict..i realy like favorite class is ECM Interceptor becouse of how annoying it is :D messing with enemy electronics and shooting them from behind and helping teammates

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