Am I getting the best deal for my money?

  callumkenneally 17:22 14 Apr 2017

Hi everyone,

I recently ordered a laptop for university. I focused on the cpu (i5) and that it had a SSD, which I found in this:

click here forgot I would like to play some lesser demanding games, such as Kerbal Space Program & Civ 4/5. I realised this only has integrated graphics and a poor resolution of 1366x768.

Would it be able to run those games fine? Is there any better options for the money?

Thanks for your time!


  Georgforthree 14:41 11 May 2017

Hi there, how about APU ones ? :)

  Georgforthree 14:44 11 May 2017

Asus has a very good one, APU 10 8700, with 8gb ram and it has GPU also :) whats your price range? new?

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