Aliens Vs predator demo failure on Steam

  mrwoowoo 19:30 05 Feb 2010

Downloaded it via Steam last night and it won't launch.
Only get the 'A Vs P is launching' logo for a few secs then nothing. )O:!
Hope the game is stable as this doesn't bode well unless it's a Steam issue.
Anyone managed to play it yet?

  gengiscant 12:12 06 Feb 2010

Just downloaded and installed the demo,only to find out it is a multiplayer demo only.
So I thought why not, waited 10 Min's for other players to join ,gave up and am going back to Borderlands.

  mrwoowoo 16:23 06 Feb 2010

They have had issues with that and have now brought out a patch.
Just update Steam and should be good to go.
Just tried it and got a game within a few minutes.
Had a go as an alien as i can't see how you change your character. )O:!

  Colin 11:58 07 Feb 2010

Downloaded it with no problems. But as gengiscant says it's multiplayer only. I can't find anywhere that says the demo is multiplayer only and as I've never played online and don’t intend to I've uninstalled it. I will probably buy the full game as I like FPS's.

  tammer 14:00 07 Feb 2010

I'm guessing that the purpose of the demo is:

"to increase interest in an imminent launch of a new game through demonstrating the quality of the product via a small sample of the gameplay"

And here's the purpose in customers' eyes:

"to change you from planning to buy this game for the PS3 to now vowing never to buy any SEGA / Rebellion game through a complete failure of the demo to work for PS3 customers"

  gengiscant 14:20 07 Feb 2010

Still unable to play online through Steam.
Doesn't bode well for the game, I'll probably wait a few weeks till its gone down in price before I get it.
Bioshock 2 will be out anyway.

  mrwoowoo 18:01 09 Feb 2010

Bought Bioshock 2 at Sainsburys today.
Nearly didn't though as the PC versions were priced up the same as the Xbox and PS3 versions at £37.00.
Thought it must be a mistake. And it was.
Now, if only i can tear myself away from the Tiger Woods 2010 beta demo.

  gengiscant 09:32 10 Feb 2010

I mainly buy my games online from or coolshop.
I got the latest S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for £17 and Bioshock 2 for £24.
I almost got Aliens vs Predator and Metro 2033 but I'll wait a while,I am still playing Borderlands, on my second playthrough,but you take everything gained in the first play over, which is unusual. Good game, Have you played it yet?

  mrwoowoo 18:05 10 Feb 2010

'Have you played it yet?'
I have. And am about halfway through i guess.
Love the graphics and gameplay, but do struggle sometimes as i find the battles are sometimes unbelievably hard. Suspect i've not got to grips with the weapons,shields and upgrades yet.
Still, it's certainly a good and graphically novel game though. Some humerous touches as well.
Just started Bioshock 2, and although it's early days, apart from a few slight gameplay tweaks it just seems like a continuation of the original.

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