Alan Wake for the PC is cancelled.

  mrwoowoo 18:45 13 Feb 2010

Just been announced that it is now to be an Xbox 360 exclusive.
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Looks to me that a deal has been done between Microsoft and Remedy to keep it Xbox only. I suspect that Microsoft is trying to boost Xbox sales and think this is one way to do it.
I for one won't be paying out around £170.00 just to play one game. No matter how much i was looking forward to it. )O:!

  Colin 10:43 14 Feb 2010

This is a shame as I was looking forward to it but I had read elsewhere that it would probably be Xbox 360 only. They will be missing out on a lot of sales but who knows the real rationale for it being Xbox 360 only? I would imagine that the increase in Xbox sales will be quite small compared to the PC and PS3 sales.
Anyway, I’ll just have to wait for Duke Nukem Never, sorry “Forever” to be released!
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