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Advice on what gaming pc to buy for £700-1000

  chrisg81 13:04 02 Aug 2019

Hey guys I'm a true gamer that has put alot of time into my xbox, I'd say I play alot of high end games and i dont have a clue where to start on what gaming pc to buy, I have a budget and I can only finance so it will have to be from pcspecialist or anywhere else you guys know about with low interest, I'm really stuck and I just want the best setup I can possibly get for the money or please if it is not enough for top end high quality gaming please let me know as I know it wont be the best but I would like to atleast run any game on high settings, any advice would be amazing thanks guys.

  Menzie 17:51 02 Aug 2019

Will a keyboard and mouse be needed (not every PC is sold with these)? Will you need a monitor? Does the budget include peripherals (A USB receiver for your 360 or Xbox One controller)?

  chrisg81 01:17 03 Aug 2019

Really I would like to fit in the monitor and the actual pc, any extras I will try cram in but I'm just looking for the best setup I can possibly get

  Menzie 02:56 03 Aug 2019

If you're totally starting out then you need for your budget of £1000 the tower (PC itself), a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.

In the world of PC gaming a super high-end video card would be more than your entire budget.

The good news is that you don't need a super expensive system to enjoy PC gaming.

You should be able to get a system that will perform at 60 frames per second at 1080p in most games.

I'd recommend giving the sales teams at Cyberpower, Scan, CCL Computers or Chillblast a call. Tell them your budget and requirements and have them tailor a solution for you. They all do financing.

Things to keep in mind for a gaming PC:

-16GB of RAM

-Nvidia 1660Ti (Good) or 2060 (better) would be most likely the best and most common cards in your price range. Go for the 2060 if you can.

-512GB for the M2 Drive or SSD, anything else is too small nowadays.

-2TB for the second Drive is recommended, PC games can easily eat up 60+GB each.

-Windows 10 as Windows 7 will be losing support soon.

There are many other PC manufacturers available that do financing and can offer decent specs too. However be aware that some will use custom parts making upgrading in the future difficult. The ones I've recommended use standard off the shelf components which means upgrading as you get comfortable to do so is possible.

  mrgrumpy 23:14 10 Jan 2020

With regards to gaming , your pc will be as good as the amount of money you can afford to spend , one tip I can offer you is , if you know what games you want to play the google that games spec , eg " what spec do I need to run fortnite" , the games will show the minimum required parts spec , you should then work out how much all those parts will cost , their are lots of custom build sites that will also help you.

In recent years gaming has become so advanced that £1,000 should get you a decent set up but you will never be able to run some games on maximum spec , home this help you.

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