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Advice on a new £500 gaming desktop.

  Chr1s_Peters 23:07 08 Jan 2017


My old PC is slowing withering away. Would really appreciate some advice on getting a replacement, I only need the tower. I play quite a few games and although many of them are old (FTL, CS:S, Endless Legend) I'd like to be able to run Total War: Warhammer, XCOM 2, Stellaris, Civ VI and No Man's Sky when they come down a little in price.

I've found this deal on Overclockers which I could just about afford. What do people think? Do I need a solid state drive? (They were ridiculously expensive when I last built my PC). Is a quad core realistic at this price range? Is 8Gb of RAM a bit low?

Also - I have Windows 10 running on my current PC. Can I just through this HHD in the new system and copy the drive across? Save having to fork out £100 on a new OS.

Thanks in advance!

  Archonar 21:42 09 Jan 2017

At that price you are pushing the boundary of gaming pc's. You probably won't be able to get a quad core and a dedicated graphics card unless you look at older models. That pc should run those games, however, at low to medium graphics. If you want more than that it is probably worth waiting for a little longer so you can spend a bit more and get a slightly more powerful pc.

Your OS may be an issue - did you buy the pc with windows pre installed? If so then the install may be tied to that computer meaning you will need to purchase a new OS.

Here is a quote from HowToGeek to explain:

"Never Allowed: Moving a preinstalled licence to a new pc

When you get a computer that comes with Windows system preinstalled by the manufacturer, the Windows license will always remain tied to that computer. There’s no exception to this, aside from the exception for replacing the computer’s motherboard if it failed, as discussed above. Manufacturers get these non-transferable licences for less than you’d pay for a transferable license, hence the restriction."

Moving the hard drive across might work in respect to licensing, though I am very doubtful, and you may have driver mayhem for a little while!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

  kosong 11:09 19 Jan 2017

I see [IMG][click here]1

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