Advice needed with purchasing a new gaming rig

  Chicago_RMX 04:43 01 Oct 2015


Currently leaning towards OriginPC's Millennium purely based of user reviews. Preferably using the link below or a comparable reputable site, please build me a gaming rig that comes as close to meeting my criteria below, listed in order of most important to me to least important, all for under $3,500

click here

  1. Budget $3,300
  2. Current AAA games w/ Ultra settings @ 60 fps
  3. High settings @ 60 FPS for any game for the next 4 years with zero upgrades.
  4. Ultra settings @ 60 fps for 95% of AAA games for the next 5 years based on reasonable upgrades.
  5. Quite enough where my GF could sleep on the couch 5 feet away.
  6. Able to handle three monitors - NOT 4K Jaw dropping graphical improvement over all future PS4 games. 7.Finally, I do not want to pay for anything that does not noticeably improve or enhance my gaming experience.

There you have it. How close can you come to building me a $6,000 dream machine at half the price?

  spuds 10:51 01 Oct 2015

The possible reason why you haven't had any replies yet, is due to being US based and specifications and availability are slightly different there.

If you look into the PCA archives, you might find a few interesting points, because advice on gaming machines is fairly regularly requested.

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