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Advice on my build before I buy ?

  Michael Clarey 12:13 27 Aug 2019

Hi, this is my first gaming laptop build and I'm looking for advice on my spec. If I have gone overboard on anything or I could add anything to compensate please let me know. Thank you.

  wee eddie 13:20 27 Aug 2019

You missed the Link

  Michael Clarey 13:33 27 Aug 2019 here

  Menzie 17:32 27 Aug 2019

Overall a good spec, it all depends on what your plans are. Having a 500GB drive for storage sounds like a lot initially but remember; today's games can easily take up 1/5 of that once you factor in patches, mods and the like.

If you'll be playing a game or two at a time this is adequate. If you want your library installed and ready to play, more storage would be needed.

  [DELETED] 00:56 29 Aug 2019

The trouble with the Gaming Laptops that use desktop CPUs is they struggle to cool them, you'll see many threads with people complaining that their high spec laptop thermal throttles after a few minutes of gaming.

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