Advice for a gaming Pc

  Iza 12:13 07 Apr 2012

First off i have little knowledge of gaming pc's hence me coming here for advice .

I am looking to buy a new pc , it will be mainly used for gaming in gw2 - My budget is 650 pounds max.

Here are a couple of links to pre built machines , your feedback would be appreciated.



  KRONOS the First 12:43 07 Apr 2012

Both those PC's have a GTX 550 TI which is not a particularly good graphics card. You should be looking at a 560 Ti minimum or an ATI HD 6870.

6870 vs 550ti.

560 Ti vs 550 Ti.

Overall the Dino PC I feel is a better choice. By changing the graphics card to a 6870 increases the cost to £629. Adding the 560 Ti which also means upgrading your power supply to 500W brings the price to £661. To be honest you really should not have less than a 500W power supply in any PC these days.

  Iza 12:55 07 Apr 2012

Ty Chronus.

I forgot to add this one -

Has the 6870 instead of the 550ti

  KRONOS the First 14:30 07 Apr 2012

Yep that seems a better choice. I notice you have the choice of either the 6870 or the GTX 560 and to be honest there is not much between them. So up to you.I am using at the moment the 6870,soon to upgrade to a GTX680 and have been really happy with the card. I like FPS'ers and this will play any game at the moment at high or above settings on my Dell 24inch.

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