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Advice on a gaming laptop

  Stephsampher 11:23 31 Jan 2017

I am looking at buying a gaming laptop and want to know what the best one to buy on the market . Many thanks

  Ourection 20:52 07 Feb 2017

First thing first, what is your budget? Then we can tally to certain brand that can satisfy for your gaming experience. I might suggest Alienware

  Archonar 08:56 08 Feb 2017

If you are looking to buy the very best then this is what I would recommend you wait for: click here

I suspect that it's out of your budget though so as said before give us some price limits and we can make some better recommendations.

  sarahallenapp 11:14 24 Feb 2017

It depends on your budget and the type of games you play.

But here are a few tips to ensure you buy a good laptop for your gaming requirements. 1. Watch for laptops with INTEL processors. 2. Watch out for graphics, as they play a key role in game quality. 3. Get a RAM as big as you can afford 4. Get a big Hard drive 5. Make sure you get a extra warranty for your laptop.

  Ryan Stevens 09:43 30 Mar 2017

My opinion Razer Blade Pro is the best Gaming Laptop. It has high configuration and also nice shape.

  Sky_wayne 15:36 30 May 2017

You can check these gaming laptops that can meet your requirements.

  q33ny 11:22 05 Jun 2017

Try this.

You can also configure it if you want more RAM or a better CPU...

  fabia 01:30 12 Jul 2017

asus rog gaming laptop are pretty good in my expierence

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