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Added parts to prebuilt pc

  supertom029 10:22 24 Feb 2017

I added a core i3 4170 and gtx 1050ti to my hp pavilion 500-386nam but I'm still unable to play games. I believe I may have a too low psu

  Archonar 10:51 24 Feb 2017

Please define "unable to play games" - is this low fps?

  Archonar 10:54 24 Feb 2017

As for the power supply you will need at least 300W for a 1050ti if I remember correctly. So if you have less than that you will also need to upgrade your PSU.

  supertom029 14:02 24 Feb 2017

will a corsair vs350w do it

  Archonar 10:49 25 Feb 2017

Yes it will

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