9900k, 9600k performance differences

  PhillyG76 04:14 12 May 2019

I have recently built a desktop system based on an Intel 9600k, Asus z370g Mobo, 40gb Corsair vengeance 3,000Mhz ram and Samsung 970 Pro 512gb SSD, and EVGA RTX2080xc gpu. Generally I’m quite pleased with it. But sometimes when playing Forza Horizon4, there’s a kind of lag, where the car seems to be traveling slower or not accelerating quickly and then all of the sudden the game catches up and it looks like 50MPH to 18MPH (not what’s displayed, just what it looks and feels like) in a split second. And also on GTA V sometimes trees just suddenly appear a second after turning into a new road or shadow lines don’t appear instantly on sides or bridges or roads but the black shadow line basically extends forward in direction of travel as you move forward and reflections on office block windows, sometimes it’s like someone is flicking lights on and off between floors, there isn’t either an instant response or maybe a natural gradual progression, just a delay then sudden change. I think this is more the software. But the lagging response on Forza makes me wonder if CPU is struggling. This is why I’m wondering if upgrading to the 9900k is really worth it? At some point I probably would get a better GPU for the future but, at present time, am I wasting money thinking I’ll get a huge difference? Is there anything else I can do? I think the Gpu should be adequate and 40GB ram. The reason it’s 40, is I have 2x16GB 3,000 MHZ sticks and one 8Gb 2,400MHZ stick. I know the slower ram is meant to slow the others down but I’ve over locked them to 3,100MHZ and there doesn’t appear to be any problems. But did try without the 8Gb stick and only difference I noticed was I was able to overclock to 3,200MHZ. But that’s another thing that puzzles me, surely it’s not possible to jump from 2,400 to 3,100 mhz? Am I missing something? Anyway I’ll say thanks for any help, polite opinions etc. And if I can help or give opinions on anything then I will try repay the favour that way. Oh one cheeky final question. Game recommendations where you can free roam like GTA5 or maybe even a tomb raider type of game that’s not too difficult to start off on, The Witcher hunter did look appealing but is it repetitive? Ok thanks all.

  leehull 08:44 30 May 2019

You have built a good PC. You can play a lot of games on it. I would play Fallout 76, though there are some bad reviews of this.

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