80GB PS3 on UK?

  belfman 11:54 17 Jun 2008

I'm sceptical and don't want to buy the budget 40gb model if there is one to come.

  micky d 12:21 17 Jun 2008

I'm not 100% certain Belfman but i only think the PS3 is available in the 40 & 60 gig models.

I managed to get my grubby little mitts on a 80 gig version just before xmas. At the time i was surprised because i'd heard they were like hens teeth.

I could be wrong & they could be 're-issuing'(so to speak) the 80 gig version but at the time of buying mine Sony were saying they weren't going to carry on with that version because of cost(at the time they were competing with the Xbox & Wii for xmas)to the general public.

  belfman 12:40 17 Jun 2008

I have been reading that it's rumoured to be coming out. I may take the plunge with the 40GB model.

  belfman 11:18 20 Jun 2008

From days of reading, I cannot see Sony reintroduce the original Backward compat, 4 USBs and Card Reader model... If they launch a bigger HDD version it will be just that.... a bigger HDD.

Shame really, I'll make do with the 40GB now and if I'm wrong I'll buy another one for downstairs and move the smaller one upstairs.

  belfman 11:19 20 Jun 2008

PS. The drives are standard laptop drives anyway. Interchangable by the User and does not void warranty...

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