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1TB HDD+128GB SSD vs 512GB SSD

  Nariman 17:54 16 Jun 2020

Which best: 1000HDD+128SSD or 512SSD? I will work with photoshop,programming (coding) and MAYBE will play the games:)

  wee eddie 19:27 16 Jun 2020

Well, I'd have said 256GB + 2TB

  wee eddie 19:27 16 Jun 2020

but make sure that the HD is 7200rpm

  Vaivode 15:02 17 Jun 2020

It should be both 512Gb SSD and 2TB.

  wee eddie 15:45 17 Jun 2020

Nariman: My current setup is 4 years old and perfectly adequate as I don't play Games, really just Surfing and MS Office, with a little work on Photos.

16GB RAM (not the fastest). Then, as a C Drive - 128GB SSD and as a D Drive - 1TB HDD, which is 7200 RPM, rather than 5400 RPM.

After 4 years, my C Drive, which is used for Software only, is just over half full, and my D Drive, about 35% full.

My first recommendation was based on my assessment that your Storage needs would be greater than mine. Hard Drives, of all kinds, tend to become tetchy when they reach about 80% capacity

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