1GB or 2GB Graphics Card

  Colin 12:56 03 Feb 2011

I'm just starting to look at replacing my graphics card and I'm considering these two:

click here

click here

However, the 6950 is also available with 2GB of RAM for an extra £5.

click here

I play on a 24" screen at 1980x1200 and find that my current ATI 4890 1GB is starting to stutter with newer games. As the 560Ti and 6950 are newer architecture cards than my 4890, is 1GB of RAM still OK or would it better better paying slightly extra for the 2GB 6950?


  gengiscant 17:04 03 Feb 2011

A bit of reading here:click here

  Colin 20:54 03 Feb 2011

Thanks, gengiscant. Most of the articles are inconclusive but I think I'll go for the 6950 2GB as the extra £5 for another gig of RAM seems to provide a bit of inexpensive future proofing, (if there is such a thing with a PC). I’ve only ever had Radeon cards and never had a problem with them.

  AL47 23:29 03 Feb 2011

i run the 2gb 6950, it only really useful if you have a higher resolution than 1920x1200, i have a 2560x1440 monitor so it definitely comes in handy

another plus is flashing the 6950s bios to unlock shaders.. this in effect gives you the same hardware and performance of the 6970 for free!

ive done it on mine! .. 6970 for £205 that way :)

  AL47 23:31 03 Feb 2011

haha overclockers even advertise its flashable to 6970.. also just in case the flash goes wrong, the card has two bios positions, just flip a switch and you can use the reserve, but less than 1% are reported to fail

  Colin 12:20 04 Feb 2011

Thanks, AL47. I'll bear that in mind. I've flashed the BIOS on various PC's without a hitch and it looks very easy to reverse on the graphics card if it goes wrong.

  IClaudio 15:59 04 Feb 2011

Hmmm, just posted a new thread re the 6950 2GB in Helproom. sorry then came here...

To re-cap, I just get a loud squel when I switch on the 'puter after slotting in the card. I guess you guys didn't have any problem?

Anyone have a clue why I can't manage the installation?

I have re-installed my previous HD 4850 with no probs...

  Colin 20:06 04 Feb 2011

IClaudio - have you connected the power supply to both 2x 6pin PCI-E power connectors?

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