18 rated games, pointless

  paulgodd 16:23 24 Jun 2008

Woolies are in trouble for selling GTA to a 15 year old, but are age classifications really neccesary for games? Obviously the law has been broken here
click here but shoudl it be in place in the first place

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:31 24 Jun 2008

Yes the law should be in place. How you stop an older person buying 18 rated games for a minor to play is another matter. Responsible parenting would be a good starting point methinks.

  bstb3 17:09 24 Jun 2008

yes, I would say they are necessary. More so than movies, I think, due to the interactivity and overall engrossment that the child will get from a video game. Seeing is one thing, seeing and doing in a video game is another step further.

What I do also wonder though is that the current generation of parents will only have grown up with relatively tame vidoe games, and as such could possibly underestimate some of the more "vivid" titles that are out there now (GTA, Manhunt etc). This will change as the current crop of teenysomething gamers evolve into parents (heaven help us) and have a better understanding of content. The age classification laws need to be enforced more strongly against vendors AND parents in my opinion for video games. I say this as a parent of a 12 year old whose friends all have GTA4 and he is desperate for it. He doesnt have it, but I have no doubt has played it at friends...

There should also be a ban on postal order transactions for these games over the Internet also, but lord only knows how this would be enforced.

Must be getting old, cant believe I am in favour of some form of censorship :(

  Marko797 17:09 24 Jun 2008

I would agree with the parental responsibility aspect.

I think also the law is necessary, but by the same token it is a futile attempt at stopping under 18s getting hold of, or playing, 18 cert games. What's to stop them going around to their mate's house and playing there, where possibly the parents don't give two-hoots.

Plus of course, added to the mix is the wide availability of 18 cert material, not necessarily games, which is accessible to them via pirate sites. U could state 'parental responsibility' again here, but there's not much evidence of this at all.

Like I said, futile to a large degree.

  crosstrainer 06:02 25 Jun 2008

Anomalies to the system which need to be looked at before it can be applied in a clear manner.

For example:

Max Payne 2...A rating of 15 (violence strong language abounds)

Doom 3...A rating of 18 (presumably for it's "scare factor" as it contains less strong language.

FEAR....Same as Doom, I presume for the same reasons.

Crysis: ....Only 16, stronger language and "Scare Factor"

And I could mention many more. Seems that different individuals or groups who evaluate these games seem to have very different ideas on what boundaries to set.

Standardisation needs to be applied so that shop's the games industry and the genera; public have a system that is consistent.

  ronalddonald 09:02 25 Jun 2008

laws have to be applied to households and those older people who buy 18 rated items that they should be proscecuted.

Ive been approached by school aged kids asking me to by them cigerrates, my response cant do such thing give smoking.

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