1070 i5-6600k vs 980ti i7-6700k

  matibet113 06:18 01 Dec 2016

Hello, I have a question about my pc. Msi GTX 1070 I5 6600k 16gb RAM

I got this pc about 4 months ago at the same time as my friend got his msi gtx 980ti with a better processor, but the rest is pretty much the same. My question is, is it the processor that makes the huge difference in games or the graphics cards? Or is it something else, because he keeps on getting over 20fps difference in almost every game, plus he's playing at 2560x1440 where I'm only on full hd.

  Archonar 08:50 06 Dec 2016

The I5 is standard for high spec gaming computers, it will not struggle to run games. An I7 is only really needed for doing things like video editing which require serious processing power. The GPU makes the difference when gaming, so I'm not sure why you're getting lower FPS.

Maybe run Speccy while playing a game to see how hard the CPU and GPU is working, that way you will find what, if anything, is bottlenecking the FPS.

  matibet113 09:02 06 Dec 2016

Thanks for the advice, I will definitely try.

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