Z3 compact advice please!

  s2112 09:32 03 Dec 2014

Hi all, currently got a HTC one M7 and due to upgrade soon. M8 is the obvious choice and I love HTC UI but it's a fair amount bigger (and really slippy with the metal back!) and I'm not a fan of large phones, so I've been looking at other options.

Z3 compact looks great with its flagship spec in a smaller chassis, however, I had a Xperia Z when it first came out and didn't like the bloatware on it. Loads of Sony apps that I didn't want and it seemed that key features were links to Sony products like ps4, Sony tv and walkman. I'm not a gamer, have a Samsung tv and have an iPod so all these are redundant to me.

Can these apps be uninstalled? Is it worth putting all my music on the phone and getting rid of iPod? Or am I wasting my time getting a Sony when I don't want the Sony stuff?

Other options are moto x but I'm concerned about poor battery life, wait for m9 but that is rumoured to be even bigger than the m8 or keep the m7 which to be fair is a great phone.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, many thanks.

  Demora 21:19 05 Dec 2014

Hi s2112

I have the Sony xperia z1 compact and although some of the Sony apps are there, these can be disabled. No game on the phone thank heavens.

I love the great battery life especially in Stamina mode. Nearly 4 days.

Put a large (64 gig mini sd) card in the phone and go through all the settings to save as much to the card and you can store whatever.

Also if you have a mini usb to standard usb ou can connect a flash drive or even a hard drive.

I've had Sony /Ericsson for the past 12 years with the odd wander down the samsung path. BUT always end up back to Sony.

Hope this helps.


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