Xperia M5 vs Moto G5 - NEED HELP

  CapitanViber 16:56 29 May 2017

I really need your guys' opinions on what i should buy. both the xperia m5 and the moto g5 are great phones and each one has something better than the other. The main question i would like you guys to answer if you can is whether the fact that the M5 is old and has an old android will change the fact that the cpu is better. Which characteristics of each phone do you think are the best and which one would you buy?

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  lotvic 13:18 30 May 2017

Yawn... I can see no sense in you buying the one that I like best.. You buy the one that you like the best. Here are PCA's reviews click here as you don't seem to have much confidence in the review/comparison site that you've visited.

  CapitanViber 14:02 30 May 2017

i dont specifically prefer one of these two phones. i made these posts so i would get on your opinions on which is faster and which you would choose

  Menzie 15:41 30 May 2017

As said above phones are highly personal things, what one person finds best another won't.

Personally I'd go for the latest version of Android for the best user experience and the one that receives the most frequent security updates.

Processor speed can be moot in everyday use and everyone's tolerance for an app taking a split second longer to open is different.

All this is even before you factor in screen preference (clarity in sunlight, etc.).

  AllisonAngel 08:54 31 May 2017

Xperia M5 is best choice.

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