Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4GB/64GB Global Version

  rock_face 23:43 23 Sep 2017


I'm looking into purchasing this phone. Is it a decent handset? I've checked and it has the correct 4G LTE bands - unlike some of their other models.

Is it worth buying - I want to purchase a handset outright and switch to a sim only deal.


  rock_face 21:55 24 Sep 2017

Sorry, here is the link to the handset:

click here

  I am Spartacus 22:01 24 Sep 2017

I'm hoping so as I ordered the 3GB/32GB Global version earlier this month as it was on special offer for £108 from Banggood in Hong Kong. All the reviews I've read suggest this is a dated but still well specified phone for the money. Even if I have to pay import VAT and handling charges on top of that price I still consider it a bargain.

Mine should be delivered this week with luck so I'll post back with my thoughts but I'm not expecting to be disappointed.

  I am Spartacus 22:03 24 Sep 2017

The special offer price I paid is no longer available but it's still a reduced price at Banggood

  rock_face 11:19 25 Sep 2017

Was there a reason why you opted for the 3GB/32GB over the 4GB/64GB version?

  I am Spartacus 12:12 25 Sep 2017

A lot cheaper and I can put a MicroSD card in it for additional storage.

  I am Spartacus 19:42 30 Sep 2017

Mine has been delivered which took about 12 days from ordering. I had customs charges and the Royal Mail handling fee totaling £11.42 to pay.

Initial thoughts are that it's extremely well made with very good build quality apart from the flimsy combined SIM and MicroSD card tray which is likely to be rarely used anyway. Build quality is as good as a Samsung and marginally better than a Lenovo (Moto G4). I have no concerns about its robustness in use over the coming months. The screen is full HD and excellent quality, far better than the Moto G4 I had. Bear in mind also that with shipping and import charges included it cost £120.

It comes with Xiaomi's overlay on top of Android 6 called MUIU which immediately offers to update to the latest version which has the underlying OS of Android 7.0. Being a Global editions of the phone it has the Google Play Store so is just as easy to set up as a standard Android phone.

I have installed the Nova Launcher which improves the user experience to some extent. However, while MUIU is perfectly usable not only do I find the vast amount of screen estate used for the weather notification and the shortcut buttons annoying it also means that some apps I currently use don't work properly and so far include 'Notification Toggle', 'Temperature Layer' and the Daily Telegraph app all in the area of notifications and how they're handled both by the App and the interface.

If you don't use these or use Apps that make non-standard use of the Notifications area you'll be fine if perhaps annoyed for the deviation from the 'standard' Android layout. It is similar to the old version of Touchwiz that Samsung used to inflict on users albeit it works at lightning speed rather than the sluggish interface Samsung gave us.

I am planning to root it and install a close to vanilla version of Android 7 fairly soon which is a pity as the Settings options in MUIU are superior to the standard android settings. However this is necessary to get the Apps that currently cause problems work correctly.

In view of this I registered for a Mi Account and requested the code to unlock the bootloader which was delivered 30 minutes later and should mean it's easy to root and install an Android version of my choice. I am delaying it for a couple of weeks though as there is apparently a major update of MUIU due soon which might but probably won't fix the issues I have.

I will emphasise that the phone can easily be used as is unless you use one of the previously mentioned apps or others that don't work properly with it.

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