Wrestling with a problem about my new Mobile Phone

  wee eddie 14:20 27 Jun 2017

When my elderly Galaxy S11, finally became increasingly erratic and a Reset did nothing to cure it. I decided that it needed replacing.

A Galaxy S7 edge was the chosen beast, I thought about the S8 but the improvements were all in areas that I was not particularly interested in, so the S7 it was.

Ordered from my Supplier and they offered Two types of insurance. One was Immediate 24 hour Replacement and the other was Return and Repair. I decided not to.

However, I am now having second thoughts. My previous one sustained minor damage to the screen in year three, which was easily repaired with a plastic stick on.

Should I, shouldn't I. Your experiences and judgements would be very welcome.

My Home Insurance Policy, specifically, does not cover it.

  wee eddie 15:37 27 Jun 2017

Haven't asked my Home Insurer but, the 24 Hour Replacement Service is £14 a month

  Forum Editor 18:25 28 Jun 2017

How much have you paid for the phone?

  wee eddie 19:14 28 Jun 2017

It's on a Business Contract as part of my Booking System is what's I believe called Push Something and uses MBs galore,so £40 a month

  Forum Editor 23:05 28 Jun 2017

Then the insurance premium is well worth paying. It will be an allowable business expense.

  wee eddie 23:38 28 Jun 2017

Yup, thanks that's the conclusion I was coming to

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