devilishlygood 15:18 25 Jan 2018

I hope somebody out there can please assist me. I have already been to one forum and even got microsoft themselves to give me a call-back, but all to no avail. I currently have a word document that runs to 311 pages with 6 photograph's per page - that's a lot of photograph's!! Those photographs have been reduced to 30% of the original size and the document now has a file size of 253 Mb. As it's a database of a hobby of mine it will be constantly updated with more and more photo's being added over time. I installed the Word app on both my Samsung J5 and a cheap tablet (running android version 4.4.2 whatever that is) that I was given. My phone was recently updated to the Nougat OS but NEITHER device will open my document. The phone either will not open at all, appears to try to open but then crashes, opens and immediately freezes (home button to escape) or gives a totally black screen. I am using WORD 2007 to compose my document and on the odd occassion my devices have tried opening it I have seen a message at the top of the screen saying something to the effect of:- "This is an old file format. Do you wish to upgrade (or update?)". My document is saved as a DOCX file but because nether device is coping with it, I am assuming it too big for the app to cope? Assuming it is too big for Word to cope with, can anybody please tell me what program I need to compose my photo-heavy document and what app I need to read it once transferred to my phone? I only require 'Read Only' on the phone as all alterations will be done on the computer and new versions constantly transferred to my phone. Many thanks in advance Pete (Please be aware that being close the upper end of the age range, I have limited computer skills and understanding!)

  wee eddie 19:56 25 Jan 2018

None of your machines has sufficient memory to open a document as big as that. Split it into chapters or even single pages

  devilishlygood 20:58 25 Jan 2018

Thanks for that. I can't say I'm surprised. What would be the maximum file size that my phone could cope with? Forgive my ignorance but a phone's camera can take very big file sised photograph's (many mega pixels) and you can swipe through them all as easy as anything, so how come it can't cope with a document where the file sizes of the photograph's have been drastically reduced (by 70%)?

  wee eddie 01:25 26 Jan 2018

While your Phone will, almost certainly, have sufficient storage space. Insufficient RAM is likely to be the problem.

I can only recommend "trial and error"

  I am Spartacus 03:06 27 Jan 2018

Your main problem is that you're trying to use a word processor, a 10 year old version at that, as an image database. You're far better asking for advice on which image database to use for storing and viewing your photos.

Even Google Photos, the basic App installed on your phone will do a better, if basic job. You also have the bonus that if you use that you can easily configure it to backup your photos to Google Drive.

  Forum Editor 14:42 27 Jan 2018

If you simply want something that will organise your photos, and store them in a structured way, Microsoft Word is definitely not the way to go, as I am Spartacus has pointed out.

What you need is something like this. It's an excellent application that will do what you want, and you can tweak your photos with it as well.

  wee eddie 17:34 27 Jan 2018

Just a thought: I assume that the Word Document contains text and descriptions.

If you were to create a Folder to contain your Photos and put Hyperlinks to it in your Word Document. That might solve the "size" problem of the Document

  Fredd009 21:25 28 Jan 2018

Your Phone And Tablet Arent Powerful Enough To Open A Document That Big

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