Wiring problem!!!

  peter4076 16:53 18 Apr 2009

Need some wiring up skills here.
I have in my little room down the garden a Sharp lcd television connected to it is Sky+, also BT Vision (hardwired into my router BT Hub) also my Toshiba DVD recorder & VCR all of them work perfectly................................that is until I want to archive anything from my BTV or my Sky+, I'm sure the answer is out there, but at the moment I'm flummuxed, any ideas or diagram some body could point me to, or some tuning to do.

  laurie53 19:51 18 Apr 2009

Don't know about BT vision, but Sky+ has a "Copy" function for transferring to vcr.

I think it's in the "Services" menu.

  peter4076 21:46 18 Apr 2009

Laurie53. thanks for getting back to me, I know that function, but it's the daisy chaining of the scart wiring, and also the av1 av2 RGB that would help me, other than purchasing a switching box, I thought it could be done in the tuning.

  jack 12:06 19 Apr 2009

is probably the only way, Angus
An automatic switching box - such a the Philips[about a tenner from ASDA or Currys etc.,]will ensure a clean image.
Other ways -daisy chaining etc you run the risk of ghost imaging and other clutter

  Kevscar1 19:32 19 Apr 2009

How many scart sockets on TV

  peter4076 22:07 19 Apr 2009

Sorry have been away for the day. At the moment Bt Vision & Sky+ are on both together and I get each one separately via AV1 & AV2 via the 2 scarts on the TV, also the Toshiba DVD Recorder has to be set to AV2 (that allows me to watch either BTV or Sky+)I know their must be an answer, perhaps a switching box is the way to go?

  Kevscar1 08:52 20 Apr 2009

If there are 2 scart sockets on the VCR I would set it up like this
TV AV1 to VCR VCR to BT Vision
AV2 to DVD DVD to Sky

Both my Video and DVD have record whats on screen buttons so it doesn't matter what you have playing, thats how ?I have been transferring my wifes music videos to DVD

  peter4076 09:15 20 Apr 2009

Kevscar: Have printed this thread, and at sometime in the next couple of weeks will do as suggested, thanks for all the input will tick for now.

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