Wireless Headphones - rechargeable battery problem

  kwil2 12:05 21 Dec 2012

Hello... I'd welcome some guidance or explanation of a problem I'm having with wireless headphones and their rechargeable batteries. A while ago, I bought two pairs of Wireless Headphones from Aldi, the grocery chain. I use them solely for listening to TV. They work superbly with the two 500mAh/1.2v AAA rechargeable/unbranded batteries they came with. They also work every time with standard AAA's. However, I recently bought four AAA rechargeables as backup, again 500mHA/1.2v (not so easy to find, by the way!) As per instructions, I charged them fully before first use, checking them with two separate battery testers. They didn't work at all in the headphones but are fine in other devices. So the batteries are not at fault. I also have tested the headphones using other good quality rechargeables but with higher or lower mAh ratings - 1200/750/650/350 - none worked! Is there some 'battery expert' or knowledgeable person out there who could explain why these headphones will only work with the original batteries or standard AAA's? Many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:46 21 Dec 2012

When you fitted the original rechargeable batteries were you instructed to pare off a centimetre or so off the side of the battery?

Without this removal of side insulation the battery does not make correct contact with the charging circuit connection in the phones.

see here

You don't have to buy special batteries normal rechargeables work after you cut back the insulation at the flat end of the battery

  kwil2 01:39 24 Dec 2012

Hi FB...thanks for taking time to reply. No initial instructions as to paring off as suggested (unfortunately, your link doesn't appear to work for me) I was actually aware of this 'method' but it seemed a bit awkward at best.

As it happens, I'm in contact with America a lot and a friend there has given me the best and most effective solution: Cut and wrap a small piece of kitchen foil around the 'negative' end of the battery so that it forms a 'foil cap'on that end. Now insert battery into its slot as normal. When that battery needs recharging, you simply remove the battery from the cap and slip in a new one...The cap can be replaced easily if it ever needs to be.

I tried all of my rechargeables of various capacities in the headphones as per above....and bingo...they now all worked!! So, problem solved and solution passed on to anyone else who needs it!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:58 24 Dec 2012

Same principle but sounds easier to do

Thanks for the feed back.

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